Common Fail Items

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​Utilities not turned on:  All utilities must be on for both the initial and annual inspections. This includes, but not limited to: water, electric, gas, etc. Any utility not in service will cause the unit to fail the inspection. For initial inspections,please reschedule the inspection when all utilities are turned on to the unit. Section 8 Inspections staff will not turn on utility supplies to a unit, including main water valves and electrical breakers. Telephone services are not required.

No one present for inspection appointment:  It is imperative that an adult 18 years of age or older be present to allow the inspector into the unit. It is strongly recommended that the landlord and participant be present at each HQS inspection. If there is no one over 18 years of age present for the inspection at the scheduled date and time, the inspection will be considered a failed inspection. The Housing Department will not grant extensions for repairs in the event the owner or participant fails to provide inspection access.

Unit not ready for inspection:  The unit must be completely ready for move-in at time of initial inspection. Unit should be in clean, livable condition with no boarded or broken windows or doors.

Ungrounded outlets:  All kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and exterior outlets must be three (3) prong grounded or GFCI outlets. If unit is a 2 wire ungrounded system, the remainder of the outlets throughout the unit where outlets are not GFCI protected must be 2 prong type outlets. No 3 prong ungrounded and unprotected outlets.

Main service panel is not sufficient for the updated electric load in the unit

Smoke alarms missing, misplaced or not working:  Make sure all smoke alarms are operational prior to the inspection. Section 8 requires a sufficient number of alarms to cover all sleeping areas. If the unit has two or more levels, an alarm is required on each level.

Window bars on bedroom windows that bar fire egress:  Window bars and security doors on bedrooms must be releasable from the interior of the unit without keys, tools, combinations or special knowledge to operate.

No temperature & pressure relief valve discharge line installed or installed incorrectly:  This discharge line very often has been removed or changed and installed incorrectly. See Water Heater Information.

No upper or lower combustion air vents for gas appliances:  Combustion air vents are missing, changed or covered. Interior gas appliances must have upper and lower combustion air vents a minimum of 10" x 10" installed in the closet, room or garage in order to draw fresh air. Hot water heaters that draw through garage must be raised 18" above floor.

Bugs in unit:  T​​he inspector should not see bugs of any kind, either live or dead. If the unit has been vacant, eggs could hatch that were unseen and infestation can occur in a very short period of time. Check prior to the inspection to remove dead bugs if the unit has been exterminated.