Examples of Items to be Inspected

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The following list is provided as examples of items normally inspected as part of the Housing Quality Standards Inspection.  This list is not all inclusive but indicative of inspection requirements.


  • Is there proper grounding of main electrical service panel and bonding of gas and water lines?
  • Is the main electrical service panel adequate for the residence?
  • Are knock outs installed in any open spaces in the breaker box?
  • Are there proper size type "S" fuses and adapters for all Edison base fuse holders?
  • Are there rain tight outlets, boxes, and covers for all outside receptacles?
  • Are there any missing or broken receptacles, switches, cover plates, junction boxes, and light fixtures?
  • Is there any extension cord wiring used as permanent wiring?
  • Is there approved 3-prong grounded or GFCI receptacles for all kitchen, bathroom, laundry, exterior and furnace?


  • Is there a U.L.-approved type vent cap on water heater & furnace?
  • Is there an approved vent pipe on water heater & furnace?
  • Is there an approved pressure relief valve?
  • Is there a full size discharge line (3/4") to drain to an approved drain or outside?
  • Is there an A.G.A. approved gas cock and gas flex line on all gas appliances?
  • Are there both upper & lower combustion air vents at least 10"x10"?
  • Is there adequate heating for the entire residence?
  • Is all gas piping secure?
  • Are there gas meters in driveways or too close to exterior water heaters or evaporative coolers?
  • Is your gas water heater or heater in a garage raised a minimum of 18" from the ground?


  • Are there an approved vent, standpipe and drain for clothes washer?
  • Is there a main cold water gate valve?
  • Are water closets properly sealed and secured?
  • Are there any leaking or corroded drain pipes, supply lines or valves?


  • Are there FHA approved straps for top/bottom of all carport, patio or porch posts?
  • Are there approved joist hangars, framing anchors to secure carport roof rafters to fascia?
  • Are there approved joist hangars, framing anchors to secure patio roof to fascia?
  • Are the window bars on bedroom windows constructed so bars can be released from the inside without keys or special knowledge required? No double key dead bolts allowed.


  • Workable locks on all operable windows, bathroom doors and outside doors.
  • All floor covering in safe and decent condition. Concrete flooring must be polished or painted & sealed.
  • Rodents and insects properly exterminated to have no live or dead bugs at inspections.
  • Doors, windows, drawers and all hardware must be in good operating condition.
  • No broken or cracked window panes.


  • Are exterior wall and trim painted and free from repair needs?
  • Are interior walls and ceilings free from repair needs?
  • Roofing in good condition, and free from leaks.


  • Separate entrance for each bedroom off common hallway.
  • Bedrooms must have closets with clothes rod, privacy door, fire egress and permanent cooling & heating (No space heaters).
  • Bedrooms 70 sq. ft .  minimum size.
  • In multi-bedroom units, common bathroom accessible from a common entrance.
  • SMOKE DETECTORS REQUIRED! (Minimum 1 per floor). Ceiling mounted alarms must be at least four inches from wall; Wall mounted alarms must be four to twelve inches from ceiling.