Employment Verification Process

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Employment Verification Process



The City of Phoenix uses a vendor, Experian Verify, to provide employment verification services for former and current City of Phoenix employees.  Requests are processed using an automated system through the Internet. The Internet system is accessible 24 hours a day and can be accessed at www.experianverify.com.  Employment verification is typically requested by financial institutions for new mortgage applications, refinance requests, credit cards, and apartment complex leases. Experian Verify can provide employee hire date, status, full-time or part-time, and job classification. In order to release sensitive employee information, the employee must sign an authorization to release data with the verifier. Salary keys, codes, or PINs are not required.

There are two types of verifications: "Employment Only" and "Employment and Income."  "Employment Only" verification releases an employee's basic employment information, such as job title, job status, and dates of employment.  "Employment and Income" verification releases an employee's basic employment information and salary information.  The salary information includes base salary, the date and amount of an employee's last salary increase, and the year-to-date wage history for the current year and the two previous years.


The vendor does not charge the City a fee for providing this service.  Verifiers pay a fee directly to the vendor for employment verifications. City of Phoenix employees should never have to pay a fee. If an employee believes he/she has been charged a fee by a lender or other requestor for verification of employment, please contact Experian Verify at verify.support@experian.com or call (404) 382-5400.

Government/social service agencies can use the employment verification service without paying a fee.  

Data Security and Other Information

Please keep in mind that updated data is sent to the vendor after each City payroll is confirmed.  Employee data cannot be used or transferred for any purpose other than employment verification services.  It is also important to remember that employment information is maintained with the vendor for specific, limited purposes, and not all an employee's employment information is provided to the vendor. The database that stores employees' personal data is isolated from the Internet with firewall technology, and personal data is not stored on the Web server. Transactions conducted using the Web application are encrypted and security patches are installed.  If there are changes to an employee's employment status, it will take approximately 10 days for the new information to be reflected in the system.


If an employee has questions about the information being provided to verifiers, employees can contact the Human Resources Department at 602-495-5700 or via e-mail at hrc@phoenix.gov.