How to Apply

Step 1 - What Jobs Are Open?

Check to see which positions are currently open by reviewing the employment Web Site.

While you are visiting that site, you may click on the "Subscribe to Weekly Job Openings" link and sign up to receive an updated list of recruitments to you on a weekly basis.

Step 2 - Find a Position of Interest That You Are Qualified For

From the list of jobs on our Web Site, find a position that you are interested in and qualified for. Review the job announcements and pay special attention to the MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS and HOW TO APPLY sections. These two areas will tell you exactly what qualifications are required and what the evaluation process consists of.

Step 3 - Apply Online

After finding the position you are interested in and qualified for from the Web Site, complete and submit an online application and submit your resume / cover letter.

Step 4 - Wait for Notification

Human resources analysts review every resume submitted to determine if the minimum qualifications for the position are met based on what the applicant submits. Typically, a notice is sent to applicants within two weeks after the recruitment has closed and will either be received by e-mail or hard copy. This notification will let you know if you did or did not make the eligible-for-hire list as well as the date you will expire from the list. Keep this notice for your records. An eligible-for-hire list is a list of all qualified applicants in which departments can select candidates for interviews.

If you receive a notice indicating that you did not make the eligible-for-hire list, and you have questions or would like additional information, you can call the telephone number listed on the notice within five days.

What happens next?

When a vacancy occurs and approval to hire has been granted, departments will request an eligible-for-hire list from the Human Resources Department. Hiring supervisors or a delegate will review the resume and cover letters of the individuals placed on the list and select candidates to interview.

Keep in mind that the City of Phoenix receives a high volume of highly competitive applicants each month. Depending on the position, the number of applicants on an eligible-for-hire list can vary from 10 to 1500! Prior to reviewing resumes, department hiring supervisors create a list of qualifications to identify top candidates. This provides the hiring supervisor with a manageable number of applicants to interview. Although many departments have the same positions, each may use them differently and require different qualifications from the candidates selected for interviews.

IMPORTANT: If you move or change your telephone number, you will need change your information online.