Community Prosecution

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What is Community Prosecution?

Community Prosecution is a special approach for prosecutors. We employ proactive partnerships and the authority of the Prosecutor's Office to solve problems, improve public safety, and enhance the quality of life in Phoenix. Community prosecutors work in several focus areas throughout the city and provide information and education to the community.

​Do community prosecutors work with neighbors?

Community prosecutors work collaboratively with residents to address issues and to prevent crimes. Community prosecutors support neighborhood organizations and block watches that play a critical role in stopping crime and other issues from negatively affecting a community.

Do community prosecutors work with police?

Community prosecutors work with the Phoenix Police Department addressing quality of life crimes related to gangs, graffiti, prostitution, alcohol, street crime recidivists, vandalism, and excessive noise.

Do community prosecutors address blight and building code issues?

Community prosecutors work with inspectors from the City's Neighborhood Services and Planning and Development Services Departments, community organizations, and neighborhood groups in the area to address blight, abandoned properties, unsafe properties, non-permitted activities, illegal dumping, illegal signs, and to ensure prompt removal of graffiti.

Do community prosecutors deal with liquor licenses?

Community prosecutors represent the Phoenix City Council at Arizona Department of Liquor License Hearings. Prosecutors address an applicant's qualifications to have a liquor license or the effects a liquor license may have for a particular location in the city.


-We seek to build community.

-We seek to improve the quality of life in Phoenix and to solve community problems for the long term by developing and executing strategies with members of the community along with government and private entities.

-We seek restoration from those who have detracted from community.

-The community prosecutor is an agent for positive change, and not merely a reactive element processing cases.

-The community prosecutor may use prosecution as one of many strategies to make Phoenix a better place.

Community Prosecution Bureau
Phoenix City Prosecutor's Office
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P.O. Box 4500
Phoenix, Arizona 85030-4500
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