Diversion Program Descriptions

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Domestic Violence Diversion

This program provides the defendant with counseling which addresses stopping the cycle of violence, teaching non-violent behaviors and increasing the safety of victims. The defendant will be assigned to complete between 26 to 52 two-hour sessions, pursuant to mandatory Domestic Violence laws.

Underage Drinking and Alcohol Possession Diversion

This program's goal is reducing or eliminating substance abuse in persons who are 18, 19 or 20 years old.  Each defendant will be assessed and assigned to either a 16 hour education class to learn the effects of alcohol and other substances on a developing brain or to substance abuse alcohol treatment.

Anger Management (Non-Domestic Violence) Diversion

This program provides anger management classes to help the defendant to express anger in appropriate ways, change his or her behavior, and learn how to make appropriate decisions.

Shoplifting and Theft Diversion

This program provides an educational class designed to prevent defendants from shoplifting and/or stealing again. The defendant will learn how shoplifting and theft impacts them, their families, the community, and the economy as a whole.

Cognitive Skills (Decision Making) Diversion

This is an innovative program that addresses decision-making issues.  The program involves counseling through cognitive behavioral therapy and provides opportunities to explore thinking patterns to help defendants make better decisions. 

Diversion Programs for Prostitution Offenses 

Prostitution Diversion

This comprehensive program for those charged with prostitution includes education, counseling through group sessions, and life skills training. The program provides the help, empowerment, and support needed to break away from the vicious cycle of prostitution and helps the participants to rebuild their lives along a new path.

Solicitation Diversion

This program provides education to those charged with soliciting prostitution to help them understand the harmful effects that solicitation has on the women and men they solicit, as well as their families and communities, so that the demand for prostitution is eliminated.

Mental Health Diversion

Mental Health Diversion is specialty diversion program that provides certain qualified defendants with the opportunity to stabilize their lives through counseling and psychological care services, including medication as needed.  Special qualification is required.