Invoke Your Rights

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To receive notices of all court dates, your rights must be invoked. It is important to invoke your rights because the defendant may plead guilty and be sentenced at any regularly scheduled court appearance.

You can request, "invoke," your rights in two ways:

  • Request it from the police officer at the scene of the crime, OR
  • Invoke Your Rights Here. If you are unsure whether you invoked your rights with the police officer, you can request your rights here.

When you invoke your rights, the Phoenix Prosecutor's Office will send you the following notices:

  • A copy of the terms and conditions of the defendant's release. If the defendant was booked into jail, this notice will be provided by the jail. If the defendant appeared by summons, you can request a copy from the Phoenix Prosecutor's Office.
  • Notification that prosecution is declined.
  • The date and time of all criminal proceedings affecting the defendant.
  • If the defendant is convicted, the date, time, and place of any sentencing or pre-sentencing hearing.
  • The sentence imposed on the defendant, upon request.
  • Notification of any probation revocation proceeding or modification of probation, if the modification substantially affects the defendant's contact with or safety of the victim, or if the modification affects restitution.
  • Resentencing after the appellate process has run its course.


Remember to notify the Phoenix Prosecutor's Office if you move to a different address or change your phone number. Simply call 602-261-8192 to give us an update or Update Victim Contact Information Here. This will ensure you receive all notifications.