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Urban Heat Island/Tree and Shade Subcommittee​

mountain landscape with cactus

Following City Council direction, the Environmental Quality and Sustainability Commission (EQSC) created the Urban Heat Island/Tree and Shade Subcommittee in 2018.  The purpose of the subcommittee is to evaluate, analyze and recommend policies to address the issues surrounding Urban Heat and to advance implementation of the Phoenix Tree and Shade Master Plan.

"As our city continues to grow, so does the urban heat island and the need to provide heat relief," said former Mayor Thelda Williams. "I look forward to the policy recommendations the subcommittee brings forward to mitigate the effects of the heat island and provide much needed shade throughout the city."

The Urban Heat Island/Tree and Shade Subcommittee will include representation from a diversity of areas, including arboriculture, urban forestry, community health, commercial development and management, ​urban planning, environmental education, academia and residents.

"Finding long-term solutions to tackle our urban heat island and tree canopy are imperative for the future of Phoenix," said Colin Tetreault, Chairman, EQSC.  "The Commission welcomes the opportunity to be the honest broker of ideas, solutions and policy recommendations that creates a 21st century city that is cooler, healthier, and more competitive." 

Subcommittee Members

Ginger Sykes Torres – Chair  ​

Vjollca Berisha 

Anna Bettis

Marc Campbell

Hazel Chandler

Wanda Dalla Costa 

Bronwyn​ Doebbeling

Aimee Esposito 

Nika Forte 

Carlos Galindo-Elvira

Tiffany Halperin

David Hondula

Tabitha Myers

Nicole Rodriguez

trees in pots before planting

The Urban Heat Island/ Tree and Shade Subcommittee of the City of Phoenix Environmental Quality and Sustainability Commission releases their draft recommendations to increase shade within the City of Phoenix​

Copy of the recommendations 

Memo from Colin Tetreault, EQSC chair 


View ​meeting agendas and results.  The public is invited to attend these meetings. For reasonable accommodations, call Cindy Salazar at Voice/602-256-5669 as early as possible to coordinate needed arrangements.​​

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of UHITS meetings conducted in the current and previous year are provided below as PDF files and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  (For copies of attachments to prior meeting minutes not listed below, call 602-256-5669)​

UHITS Meeting Minutes - April 6, 202​1​ ​(to be approved at May 2021 meeting)​

UHITS Meeting Minutes - March 9, 202​1 ​

UHITS Meeting Minutes - February 9, 202​1 ​

Nature’s Cooling Systems Project​​

Phoenix Cool Corridor Research Update

UHITS Meeting Minutes - January 12, 2021 

Climate Action Plan Framework and Review of UHI Goals​​​​​

UHITS Meeting Minutes - December 8, 2020​

Landscape Maintence TA

TNC Healthy Cities Program​

UHITS Meeting Minutes - November 17, ​2020​

UHITS Meeting Minutes - October 27, ​2020

Landscape Maintence TA

UHITS Meeting Minutes - September 29, 2​020

​Overview of Urban Heat Programs

Urban Heat in Phoenix: Patterns, Causes, Impacts​