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Meeting Details​​​​

The Environmental Quality and Sustainability Commission​ meets once per month on the second Thursday at 3:00 p.m. in the Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington, 12th Floor, 12 Central Conference Room (unless otherwise specified). 


View ​meeting agendas and results.  The public is invited to attend these meetings. For reasonable accommodations, call Cindy Salazar at Voice/602-256-5669 as early as possible to coordinate needed arrangements.

Open Meeting Law

EQSC and EQSC Subcommittee meetings follow Open Meeting Law requirements as outlined in the Arizona Open Meeting Law Handbook.​


Parking is available at the City Hall Garage located at the southwest corner of 3rd Avenue and Washington Street.​


Meeting Minutes

The minutes of EQSC meetings conducted in the current and previous year are provided below as PDF files and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  (For copies of attachments to prior meeting minutes not listed below, call 602-256-5669 or at oepinfo@phoenix.gov)

EQSC Meeting Minutes - October 14, 20​2​1​​ (to be approved at November 2021 meeting)

EQSC Meeting Minutes - September 9, 20​21​ - Cancelled (No quorum)

EQSC Meeting Minutes - August 12, 20​21​

EQSC Meeting Minutes - July 8, 2021 

EQSC Meeting Minutes - June 10, 2021 

EQSC Meeting Minutes - May 13, 2021 ​

EQSC Meeting Minutes - April 8, 2021​ 

EQSC Meeting Minutes - March 11, 2​021​ 

EQSC Meeting Minutes - February 11, 2021​ 

EQSC Meeting Minutes - January 14, 2021​​

EQSC Meeting Minutes - December 11, 2020

 EQSC Meeting Minutes​ - November ​12, 2020 ​

EQSC Meeting Minutes - October 8, 2020 

EQSC Meeting Minutes - September 10, 2020  ​​

EQSC Meeting Minutes - August 13, 2020​

EQSC Meeting Minutes - July 9, 2020​ (Cancelled)

EQSC Meeting Minutes - June 11, 2020​

EQSC Meeting Minutes - May 14, 2020​​ 

EQSC Meeting Minutes - April 9, 2020​ (Cancelled)

EQSC Meeting Minutes - March 12, 2020 (No quorum)

EQSC Meeting Minutes - February 13, 2020​ 


EQSC Meeting Minutes - January​ 9, 2020

EQSC Meeting Minutes - December 12, 2019

EQSC Meeting Minutes - November 14, 2019

EQSC Meeting Minutes - October 10, 2019


EQSC Meeting Minutes - September 12, 2019

EQSC Meeting Minutes - August 8, 2019

EQSC Meeting Minutes - May 9, 2019 (no quorum)