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2030 Shade Master Plan

Growing a Healthier, more Livable and Prosperous Phoenix

Parks and Recreation Department staff also have led the city's Tree and Shade Task Force, a multi-department team mapping an aggressive strategy to improve the city's tree and shade canopy, a crucial element in keeping the city livable in the decades to come.

Tree and Shade Master Plan
The Master Plan is the product of the Tree and Shade Task Force, a multi-department committee led by the Parks and Recreation Department. The task force met for a year and half to evaluate the causes of Phoenix's declining urban forest. The task force also looked at regulatory hurdles that prevent the construction of shade structures over public sidewalks. The Master Plan was adopted by the City Council on January 5, 2010.

The Tree and Shade Master Plan strives to create a healthier, more livable and prosperous Phoenix through the strategic investment in care and maintenance of the urban forest and engineered shade. Trees and shade structures are critical components of the infrastructure and over the long-term can save the city millions of dollars. The Master Plan provides a detailed roadmap to achieve an average 25% shade canopy coverage for the entire city.

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