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Make a Splash.
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Being a lifeguard is the best summer job you will ever have! Don't wait... we are recruiting now!

Apply Now to Be a Lifeguard
or Swim Lesson Instructor!

Best Job Ever!

  • Earn money

  • Learn lifesaving skills

  • Work in your neighborhood

  • Keep your community safe and be a role model for kids

  • Looks great on a college application: shows teamwork, responsibility and leadership

  • Meet other amazing people

  • Perfect for students, flexible summer shifts


What Will I Get Paid?


Apply Now!

Complete the online application first, even if you don't have a certification. Certification classes are required for a Lifeguard or Swim Lesson Instructor position, and will be available once a job offer has been made.

Certifications from Starfish Aquatic Institute (SAI), YMCA, American Red Cross (ARC), and Ellis and Associates (ELLIS) will be accepted. Upon hire, all applicants will receive a one-day training session for StarGuard certification.

Other Positions Available

We have other fun and rewarding jobs that won't require a bathing suit.

Pool Cashier

Apply Now!
  • $11.29 per hour
  • Must be at least 15 years old
  • Must be friendly and awesome with people
  • Job Tasks:
    Provide great customer service! Use point of sale computer to register guests for swim programs.

Mascot "Buddy Bear"

Apply Now!
  • $11.29 per hour
  • Must be at least 15 years old
  • Must be energetic and outgoing
  • Job Tasks:
    Make the day of every kid you see! Perform in the "Buddy Bear" mascot suit at pools citywide and special events. 

Assistant Pool Manager

Apply Now!

  • $13.52 per hour
  • Must be able to lead and train people in an aquatics environment
  • Job Tasks:
    Hands-on training and supervising a team of people to create a safe and fun environment for guests.

Pool Manager

Apply Now!

  • $15.51 per hour
  • Must possess great leadership skills to supervise people
  • Job Tasks:
    Supervise, train and schedule a team of people, while providing quality programming and guest services.

Program Specialist

Apply Now!

  • $15.51 per hour
  • Must be organized, have great computer skills and supervise people
  • Job Tasks:
    Plan, coordinate and supervise special programs and events at multiple pools simultaneously citywide.
Lifeguard at Maryvale Pool
Lifeguard and kids at University Pool
Lifeguard teaching swimming skills
Lifeguard in looking over the pool
Three lifeguards performing a water safety drill
Lifeguard teaching swimmer how to use kickboard
Lifeguard teaching swimmer how to use kickboard


​Phone: 602-534-6587

Thanks to our friends at Shasta Pools and Phoenix Revitalization Corporation for their contribution towards the scholarship fund for future lifeguards.

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