Aquatics Programs


Open during the summer months, City of Phoenix pools are a great place to learn how to swim, attend a special event, exercise or just cool off.

City of Phoenix pools will be OPEN in summer 2021

Registration for swim lessons is OPEN (details below). All swim lessons are FREE.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the format for swim lessons has been modified. Adult lessons, water aerobics, swim and dive teams, the water basketball league, and other special events and aquatics programs will not be offered during summer 2021. ​​​

General Information about Summer 2021

Special thanks to the support of community partners SRP and the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation.

SRP ​     ​ ​Arizona Diamondbacks​​​

Summer 2021 Swim Lessons

For summer 2021, all swim lessons at City of Phoenix pools are FREE and will be offered to youth ages 3 to 12 only. 

Due to COVID-19 protocols, the number of classes and number of students in a class have been reduced. The format, schedule and registration process for lessons offered this summer also has been modified. 

Lessons will be presented in four sessions and registration for each session will open on dates staggered throughout the summer, as listed below. Swim lessons for all four sessions this summer are viewable on the Activenet registration website

Customers are encouraged to login to Activenet prior to the registration date to update or create their account and develop a “wish list" for their desired courses. Doing this in advance of the start of registration will help expedite the process and improve a customer's ability to enroll in the lessons they wa​nt.  

While online registration is recommended, customers can register in-person at Maryvale Community Center (4420​ N. 51st Ave.), Paradise Valley Community Center (17402 N. 40th St.) and South Mountain Community Center (212 E. Alta Vista Rd.) from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.​ on the first day of registration for that session.

2021 Swim Lesson Sessions and Registration Schedule:

  • Session A: June 7 to June 17 – session is FULL​​​​
  • Session B: June 21 to July 1 – session is FULL
  • Session C: July 5 to July 15 – session is FULL
  • Session D: July 19 to July 29 – session is FULL
View 2021 Swim Lesson Schedule and Register (Activenet registration website)View 2021 Swim Lesson Schedule (PDF format)Search the Swim Lesson Schedule by Pool Location

Due to the limited space available in each session and class, a registration waitlist will be maintained. Those who register for a class and do not attend the first class in their session will lose their spot to a student on the waitlist.

Students will be asked to register in one of two categories – non-swimmer or swimmer. Students for non-swimmer classes will be required to have a parent or guardian accompany them in the pool during each lesson. For the non-swimmer classes, an instructor will be teaching and guiding the parent/guardian about how to help their child with the swimming skills being taught.

Prior to registering, please determine if your child is a non-swimmer or swimmer by matching the following benchmarks to your child's skill level. A non-swimmer would be categorized as a student with a skill level within benchmarks 1 to 5, while a swimmer would be categorized as a student with a skill level within benchmarks 6 to 9. ​

Non-Swimmer Benchmarks:

Benchmark 1: Submersion of face and body

Benchmark 2: Independent floating on back

Benchmark 3: Self rescue and roll to breathe

To advance to Benchmark 4, a student will be expected to demonstrate the skills shown in the video below:

Benchmark 4: Forward movement with good body position

Benchmark 5: 1, 2, 3 breathing pattern with proper stroke

To advance to Benchmark 6, a student will be expected to demonstrate the skills shown in the video below:
Swimmer Benchmarks:

Benchmark 6: Freestyle

Benchmark 7: Backstroke

To advance to Benchmark 8, a student will be expected to demonstrate the skills shown in the videos below:

Benchmark 8: Butterfly

Benchmark 9: Breaststroke

To complete Benchmark 9, a student will be expected to demonstrate the skills shown in the video below: