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Technical Documents

​​Alphabetical list of development related documents.  Boxes at top of the list allow customers to navigate the list.  ​Clicking right box moves down and clicking left box move up the list.​​​​



2007 ASME A17.1 Elevator Amendments April 20, 2011 ASME A17.1 Elevator Amendments April 20, 2011
24-Hour Inspections Turnaround Policy Inspections Turnaround Policy
AFP Affidavit of Arizona Residency Affidavit of Arizona Residency
AFP Authorization Building Owner Authorization Building Owner
AFP Designated Agent Designated Agent
AFP Policy for Inspector Access to AFP Sites Policy for Inspector Access to AFP Sites
Abandonment Application Application
Abandonment Decision Appeal Decision Appeal
Abandonment Fees and Extensions Guideline Fees and Extensions Guideline
Abandonment Packet (Complete) Packet (Complete)
Abandonment Process Flowchart Process Flowchart
Abandonment Sketch (Sample) Sketch (Sample)
Abandonment, Right of Way Petition, Right of Way Petition
Access Control & Delayed Egress Procedure Control & Delayed Egress Procedure
Accessibility Parking Standards Parking Standards
Accessibility Requirements for Residential Occupancies, Guideline Requirements for Residential Occupancies, Guideline
Accessibility, Bar Counters Modification, Bar Counters Modification
Accessibility, Booths, Booths
Accessibility, Multi-Family Routes, Multi-Family Routes
Accessibility, Occupant Load Exemption Interpretation, Occupant Load Exemption Interpretation
Accessibility, Service Counters, Service Counters
Accessibility, Significant Changes IBC 2006-2012, Significant Changes IBC 2006-2012
Accessibility, Significant Changes ICC A117.1 - 2003 to 2009, Significant Changes ICC A117.1 - 2003 to 2009
Accessibility, Single Family Routes, Single Family Routes
Accessibility, Sinks for Employee Use, Sinks for Employee Use
Accessibility, Site Guidelines 1104, Site Guidelines 1104
Accessibility, Swimming Pools Guidelines, Swimming Pools Guidelines
Adaptive Reuse - Sustainability Policy Reuse - Sustainability Policy
Adaptive Reuse Brochure Reuse Brochure
Adaptive Reuse Eligibility Tiers Reuse Eligibility Tiers
Adaptive Reuse Fee Incentive Application Reuse Fee Incentive Application
Adaptive Reuse Fee Incentive Program Eligibility Reuse Fee Incentive Program Eligibility
Adaptive Reuse Packet, Building Life Safety Reuse Packet, Building Life Safety
Adaptive Reuse Packet, Building Occupancy Reuse Packet, Building Occupancy
Adaptive Reuse Packet, Civil Traffic Reuse Packet, Civil Traffic
Adaptive Reuse Packet, Program Policies Reuse Packet, Program Policies
Adaptive Reuse Packet, Site Landscape Reuse Packet, Site Landscape
Adaptive Reuse Sustainability Information Reuse Sustainability Information
Adaptive Reuse, Alley Access Policy Reuse, Alley Access Policy
Adaptive Reuse, Site Improvements Reuse, Site Improvements
Adaptive Reuse, B and M Occupancies Reuse, B and M Occupancies
Adaptive Reuse, CEDD Policy Reuse, CEDD Policy
Adaptive Reuse, Change of Occupancy Reuse, Change of Occupancy
Adaptive Reuse, Commercial Plot Plan Reuse, Commercial Plot Plan
Adaptive Reuse, Evaluation Policy Reuse, Evaluation Policy
Adaptive Reuse, Evaluation Process Reuse, Evaluation Process
Adaptive Reuse, Existing Driveways Policy Reuse, Existing Driveways Policy
Adaptive Reuse, Historic Preservation Reuse, Historic Preservation
Adaptive Reuse, Incentive Process Reuse, Incentive Process
Adaptive Reuse, Landscape Standards Reuse, Landscape Standards



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