Inspection Information

​​​The inspection group, comprised of about 100 experienced inspectors and technical staff, is responsible for ensuring that all construction meets Phoenix Building Construction Code and approved regulations.  Construction is typically checked several times during various phases of construction for conformance with approved plans as well as compliance with the City Code and Zoning Ordinance, Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Signs, Energy Conservation and Green codes.  The primary objective of inspections is to assure all buildings are safe to occupy.

Permits are not finalized until all required inspections have been conducted and construction is approved. Building permits are valid and inspections can be made for two years after the permit is issued. Building permits do expire, however, if work does not commence within six months of permit issuance, or ceases for more than six months. Regular inspections must be requested at each stage of construction prior to concealment or cover.

Inspection Process Flowchart 

When all final inspections have passed, a Certificate of Occupancy or a Certificate of Completion is issued.

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