Licensing Time Frames

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​​​State Law Compliance (A.R.S. § 9-831-9-840)
Regulatory Bill of Rights and Licensing Time Frames

The Regulatory Bill of Rights as codified in Title 9, Chapter 7, Article 4 of the Arizona Revised Statutes requires municipalities to establish licensing time frames and application requirements.  The Regulatory Bill or Rights were signed into law in 2011, and apply to all Arizona municipalities and counties.

Development Review Time Frame Policy

The law regulates licensing time frames and requires cities and counties to publish processing time frames.  Select this link to view Planning & Development’s License Review Time Frame Policy (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Directory of Documents

This directory provides a summary of the current applicable ordinances, codes or substantive policy statements (interpretations) for licenses, permits, certificates or other similar forms of permission required by law as it relates to a “Directory of Documents” required by A.R.S. § 9-837, also known as the Regulatory Bill of Rights.

Clarification Request

To request a clarification of the city's interpretation of a statute, ordinance, or substantive policy statement (A.R.S. § 9-837), please use the Clarification ​of Interpretation Form and complete the required fields.

Project Sequence Guides

A.R.S. § 9-836 requires that an applicant for a license (permit) be provided with applicable licensing time frames and a list of all the steps the applicant is required to take in order to obtain the license. The guides (PDF) below outline the items that must be completed and approved prior to building permit issuance and the total time in which staff will complete their review and make a determination if a permit application will be issued or denied.  Additional information regarding definitions and timelines for each item can be found in the Project Sequence Guide Definitions document.

Applications and Handouts