PlanPHX In The News

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​* The Evolution of Phoenix​​

by Rachel Gossen, Green Living Magazine. September 23, 2015

Updated PlanPHX general plan approved by city council, moves on to the ballot in August

  by Devon Noehring, Downtown Devil. April 1, 20​15  

​* Council OKs 2015 planPHX for Ballot          
    by Mathew Roy, Arizona Builder's Exchange. March 20, 2015

* ​Will Phoenix's City Council Vote for a More Connected Future? 

    by Bruce Farr, ElevateAZ. February 2015  
* ​TransitScreen CEO Matt Caywood Participated in ​the City of Phoenix's PlanPHX Workshop 
    by November 17, 2014
* ​Mayor Says PlanPHX Is A 'Community-Based Program' 
    by Mark Brodie, KJZZ. November 14, 2014
* ​MyPlanPhoenix Empowers Citizens to Plan the Future of the City
    by Jill Bernstein, Downtown Phoenix Journal. February 19, 2014​
​* PlanPHX Initiative Moving to Phase to Create 'Connected Oasis'
    by Jeremy Tenorio, Downtown Devil. February 4, 2014​
​* ​A Conversation with Ed Zuercher
    by Jill Bernstein, Downtown Phoenix Journal. January 6, 2014