Arts, Culture and Small Business Overlay

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​​The overlay language and initial mapping for the Arts, Culture and Small Business Overlay District was approved by City Council on April 2, 2008. City Council approved the first expansion of the overlay district on April 7, 2010.


The overlay may be applicable to land bounded by the Interstate 10 Inner Loop (Papago Freeway) on the north, 20th Street to the east, Buckeye Road to the south and 19th Avenue to the west.


Properties currently included are generally along Roosevelt Street from 13th Street to 7th Avenue, then south along the west side of 7th Avenue to Grand Avenue, and then northwest on Grand Avenue to Interstate 10 (see map linked below).


Parcels located within the specified boundaries are eligible for the Arts, Culture and Small Business Overlay subject to approval by the City Council through the rezoning process.


Major benefits of the overlay include adaptive reuse opportunities for small businesses.  The overlay provides greater flexibility and relief from ordinance standards to encourage adaptive reuse. The grouping of parcels within the applicable area, provides a more contiguous application of the overlay to allow for continuity and to simplify enforceability. Conversely, the strength of the overlay could be diluted if isolated parcels are included.


Additional properties within the applicable area may be considered for inclusion:

  • where there is support from the property owners, and
  • the parcels are adjacent to areas already zoned with the overlay.

Although expansion of the overlay to properties within the boundaries, but not adjacent to parcels already zoned with the overlay, may be approved in the future, generally this is not recommended. 

Documents available:

For additional information, contact Long Range Planning at 602-534-3753 or​​.