Adaptive Reuse Program Frequently Asked Questions

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​​​​​When did the Adaptive Reuse Program go into effect?
The Adaptive Reuse Program began immediately with approval by the City Council on October 21, 2008. For more information visit the Adaptive Reuse - Elig​ibility Criteria page.
Will the city partner with me to promote adaptive reuse of my building?
Yes, the city will partner with and assist you in your efforts to reuse an existing building. The city is making every effort to address the issues commonly associated with the reuse of existing buildings.
What types of assistance will the city provide?
Phoenix enacted policies to aid adaptive reuse projects. If you have a project, call 602-534-7344 to lay out a strategy for a successful project. Once your project is submitted for review, a team will be assigned to serve as your contact until project completion. This team will assist in coordinating with other city departments should any issues arise.
Are there any financial incentives available?
Up to $7,000 per eligible adaptive reuse project may be applied to commercial plan review and permit fees. See the Fee Incentive Eligibility Criteria and Fee Incentive Application documents to determine whether a project qualifies.
How can I provide the city input and feedback on adaptive reuse issues that should be addressed in the future?
The city encourages businesses to submit feedback on the Adaptive Reuse Program and encourages suggestions for future improvements. Call Planning & Development at 602-534-7344, with any suggestions for improvement.