Address Change Resources for Business

The city will notify USPS, which will update their database to ensure that any mail sent to an address with the previous street name will be delivered to the address under the new street name. The city will also notify the Police, Fire, City Clerk, Finance, Law, Neighborhood Services, Planning and Development, Street Transportation, and Water Services Departments, Maricopa County Recorder, Maricopa County Assessor, Arizona Public Service, Salt River Project, Southwest Gas, Cox Communications, Century Link, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and private mapping services such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MapQuest and Wide World of Maps.​ 

When ordering products online, 
​it's recommended that you use any "Delivery Instructions" or "Alternate Address" fields in online ordering screens to note the March 1 changeover to the new street names.  You can use those fields to note the old/previous street name so that companies that still have not updated their address databases can easily route your product deliveryYou also can consider ordering products by phone so you can explain the changover to a live customer service representative. 

Please note, taxpayer identification information is required by the City of Phoenix to process a payment to a business or a person. The information requested enables the City to verify by IRS TIN match the accuracy of the name and SSN/EIN.  Additionally, the City of Phoenix is required by federal tax law to file information returns to certain non-exempt payees on various transactions.  In order to comply with IRS regulations, we must have a correct Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) on file, otherwise payments can be subject to backup withholding and possible penalties.


You can request reimbursement by email or electronically via e-mail:

  1. To mail in your request, please use this application form. Please fill in all fields and follow the directions on the form for documentation and mailing.

Street Renaming Cost Reimbursement Form-Mail-In Requests (PDF)

     2. To submit your request electronically , please use this web form. Please fill in all fields and follow the directions closely.

Street Renaming Cost Reimbursement Form-E-mail Requests




Ordinance Establishing Piestewa Peak Drive (PDF)

Ordinance Establishing Desert Cactus Street (PDF)

Additional Resources:


Residential Addresses

Information for Residential Street Renaming


​U.S. Postal Service

(800) 275-8777

​The city will contact USPS to update their database to ensure that any mail sent to an address with the previous street name will be delivered to the address under the new street name.



​(800) 829-4933

Complete form 8822-B, tell them by phone, or simply use your new address on your tax return when you file.


​Arizona Department of Revenue​

​(602) 255-3381

​​Make changes to mailing address online or download the form from their website and mail it in. 


​Arizona Secretary of State - Partnerships

​(602) 542-6187

​​Partnerships may file a change of mailing address with the Arizona Secretary of State. See their website for links to forms and filing fees.


​​Arizona Corporation Commission​ - Corporations or LLCs


​(602) 542-3026

​​Corporations and LLCs may file a change of mailing address with the AZ Corporation Commission through eCorp, by email, or by phone.  See their webiste for more information about forms and filing fees.


​​Federal, State, County, City or Specialty Licenses, Permits or Certifications

​If a business is regulated by a Federal agency, County agency, has a City license to do business, or has a Specialty License, Permit or Certification, contact the issuing organization directly to update the business mailing address.


​​Maricopa County Recorder - Property Deed or Title

​​ ​

​​(602) 506-3535

​​Ownership of a property is taken by legal description of the property not by the property address.  Since the ownership is based on the legal description of the property, there is no need for property owners to make any changes to their deed or title because of an address change.



​​​Notify all clients of change of address.


​​​Financial Accounts, Business Credit Accounts, Insurance Companies, Vendors, Service Providers

​​​Change the business mailing address with all financial accounts, including but not limited to bank accounts, merchant accounts, investment accounts and any lender or bank with which the company has a business loan or business credit line. Notify any vendor, supplier, retailer or service provider of an address change to ensure that invoices and statements are received in a timely manner, and to also protect a business from potential identity theft. Contact your providers for liability insurance, health and/or dental coverage, car, life insurance, or any other policies that the company has. Notify your company attorney, accountant or bookkeeper, payroll company, coffee service, vending machines, and any other service providers that send invoices through the mail.


​​Business Credit Reporting Agencies

​​Dun & Bradstreet -

​​Experian Business -

​​Equifax Small Business -​

​​​​​Each major business credit reporting agency has its own process for updating your company information. Contact each of the business credit reporting agencies to request an address update on your business credit report.


​​​Websites & Directory Listings, Social Media, Local Search Footprints

​​​Update your business website and notify any local or online directory listings of the change in mailing address for your business. If a business has a presence with any social media accounts, notify those accounts of a change in address. Such changes can often be made quickly by logging into your ​company’s social media accounts.


Disclaimer: All resources provided are for general informational purposes only. Contact information is for third-party organizations which may update their procedures or fee schedules at any time. For the most current information available, please contact the organization directly.