City Recognition

​​​​​​​Here is a listing of the many national and international awards and recognition the city has earned,  including:

  • The prestigious, Carl Bertelsmann Award for being the best-run city government in the world.
  • being named an All-America City five times by the National Civic League.

Questions about city awards and recognition? Contact the city's Public Information Office at 602-262-7177.




Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition - Recognition for Commitment to Improving Air Quality205Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition - Recognition for Commitment to Improving Air Quality2015-04-27T07:00:00Z<p>The VSCCC recognized the city of Phoenix for its commitment to improving air quality, reducing fuel costs and energy security.  The VSCCC particularly recognized the city's Aviation, Public Works and Public Transit departments for their investment in alternative fuels. </p><div>Phoenix's Alternative Fuels Program is one of the largest and most successful in the country with more than 50 percent of its vehicles operating on alternative/clean fuels.  During the last fiscal year, these vehicles utilized 9.1 million gallons of alternative/clean fuel, which equates to more than 60 percent of the total fuel used by the city in FY13-14.  These numbers include the city's general fleet, Aviation and Public Transit departments.</div><div><br></div><div>The policies adopted by the Mayor and City Council and implemented by city departments have been remarkable in putting the city far ahead of other cities in the nation.  In 2013, Phoenix displaced more than 60 million gallons of petroleum fuel – almost twice as much than Southern California and three times as much than the Chicago area.</div><div><br></div><div>"The city's commitment to alternative and clean-burning fuels plays an important role in the region's efforts to reduce particulate pollution and brown cloud days," said Councilman Bill Gates, chair of the city council's Finance, Efficiency, Economy and Sustainability Subcommittee. "Because engines that burn natural gas also require less maintenance than those that run diesel, our commitment to alternative fuels means longer term benefits to the city's financial bottom line."</div><div><br></div><div>The light rail and PHX Sky Train® also reduce air pollution by taking thousands of motor vehicles off the streets, while operating on clean electrical energy.</div><div><br></div><div>The VSCCC is one of more than 100 coalitions across the United States and was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy for being number one in the country in the displacement of petroleum fuel.  These coalitions are measured each year by the amount of petroleum fuel that is displaced in their market.  The objective is the reduction of air pollution from exhaust emissions, while increasing energy security.</div>
American Planning Association - National Planning Achievement Award204American Planning Association - National Planning Achievement Award2015-04-20T07:00:00Z<p>​The city received the recognition for its "Greening of Lower Grand Avenue" plan that created a more sustainable and vibrant Phoenix. The plan was developed by a team led by PLAN*et Communities, and was the result of a partnership between the Grand Avenue Merchants Association (GAMA), the city, and a wide range of civic and private entities. Funded through the EPA Greening America's Capitals program, the plan achieves sustainability goals through innovative design concepts of outdoor community rooms, hubs, links, and gateways, including Arizona's first green bike lanes. The plan has become a model for other Phoenix neighborhoods as well as other Southwest cities. Since the plan's implementation, nine new businesses have opened, membership in the Grand Avenue Merchants Association has increased, and downtown street festivals have grown in popularity.</p>
National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association - 2015 Job of the Year203National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association - 2015 Job of the Year2015-04-02T07:00:00Z<div>The artist-designed terrazzo floor at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport's PHX Sky Train® Terminal 3 Station and passenger connector bridge was named "2015 Job of the Year" by the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA). The award was given to Corradini Terrazzo, of Fountain Valley, Calif., which produced the floors. The PHX Sky Train public art project was selected from among 39 terrazzo projects nationwide.</div><div><br></div><div>The NTMA cited the 24,000-square-foot project at the Terminal 3 station for its dynamic use of intense colors, 3D effects and graceful interplay of shapes over patterns. Designed by Diné (Navajo)/Acoma textile artist Janelle Stanley, who now resides in Chicago, the geometric terrazzo patterns were inspired by traditional Navajo pottery, jewelry and weaving motifs. The designs incorporate seven colors and more than 5,000 waterjet-cut terrazzo shapes in five sizes.</div><div><br></div><div>This is the second time the artist-designed floors at the PHX Sky Train have received the NTMA's Job of the Year recognition. Floors at the 44th Street, East Economy Lot Terminal 4 PHX Sky Train stations, produced by Advance Terrazzo, won the award in 2013.</div><div><br></div><div>The PHX Sky Train's terrazzo floors were commissioned by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program with Aviation percent-for-art funds.​</div>
Government Fleet Magazine - Certificate of Achievement195Government Fleet Magazine - Certificate of Achievement2014-12-16T07:00:00Z<p>​Phoenix Public Works received a Government Fleet Magazine Leading Fleets Certificate of Achievement. </p>
Government Fleet Magazine - Top 50 Government Green Fleet196Government Fleet Magazine - Top 50 Government Green Fleet2014-12-16T07:00:00Z<p>Phoenix Public Works was recognized for its efforts incorporating sustainability into its fleet.  Phoenix was ranked by Government Fleet Magazine as 14th out of the top 50 cities in the Government Green Fleet.  </p>
North America Results - 100 Best Fleets Honorable Mention197North America Results - 100 Best Fleets Honorable Mention2014-12-16T07:00:00Z<p>​Phoenix Public works  received an honorable mention for the 100 Best Fleets in North America awards.</p>
SWANA State Road-E-O - Larry Knight Award198SWANA State Road-E-O - Larry Knight Award2014-12-16T07:00:00Z<p>Phoenix Public Works received this award for the highest total points for all participants of the entire entity; this encompasses 1st place through 5th place.</p>
Award of Merit - NAHRO190Award of Merit - NAHRO2014-12-15T07:00:00Z<p>​The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)  received a 2014 NAHRO Award of Merit in recognition for "NSP Impact on Phoenix Communities".   </p><p>NAHRO provides annual awards for agencies to receive national recognition for innovative housing and community development projects, programs, and services.  These awards provide additional opportunities to inform the public of the best in housing and community development; and to create a resource bank of information on significant innovative activities performed by housing and redevelopment agencies and community development departments.</p><p>This year 186 programs across the nation received recognition for their innovative solutions to community needs, but NSD's program was the only one recognized from the entire state of Arizona.</p>
Top Ten Digital City 2014170Top Ten Digital City 20142014-11-20T07:00:00Z<p>​The Center for Digital Government (CDG), a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government, recently ranked Phoenix as a top ten digital city in its 2014 Digital Cities Survey for its technology initiatives and projects.</p><p>The Digital Cities Survey Awards were presented at a reception during the National League of Cities conference Nov. 20, 2014, in Austin, TX.</p><p><strong>Mobile-Responsive Web Design</strong> – The newly-designed allows customers to easily view city information on any Internet-enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer, without being redirected to a separate mobile site.​</p><p><strong>Online Government Transparency</strong> – Residents and other interested parties can search for public records, such as budget and financial documents, contracts, meeting minutes, and campaign finance information, through an online portal and web application available at the<a href="/piosite/pio/public-records"> Public Records webpage</a>.</p><p><strong>​Economic Development and Education/Youth Engagement and Entrepreneurial Support through the Phoenix Public Library</strong> – Youth, small businesses, and entrepreneurs have specialized tools and information at their fingertips at the College Depot and The Hive webpages located on the <a href="" target="_blank">Phoenix Public Library website.</a></p><p><strong>Streamline Development Process / Online Development Tools</strong> – The Planning and Development Department created electronic plan review, self-certification program and online permitting web applications in support of the city’s goal to streamline the development process, all of which can be found at the <a href="/piosite/pdd">Planning and Development Department website.</a></p><p><span style="line-height:1.6;">“Technology is key to streamlining business processes, improving communication with our constituents, and enabling innovation, things we are working hard to achieve as a city,” said Councilman Bill Gates, Chair of the City Council Finance, Efficiency, Economy and Sustainability Subcommittee. “We thank the Center for Digital Government for recognizing our efforts.”</span></p><p><strong>Data-Based Decision-Making/Business Intelligence</strong> - The Public Works Department internally uses business intelligence to make data-driven decisions regarding trash pick-up and routing. The city competitively bids trash pick-up against private-sector companies, and must stay competitive by implementing the most up-to-date efficiency measures. </p><p><strong>​Aviation Mobile Workforce (xPort) </strong>- The Aviation Department instituted a mobile workforce tool, xPort, which allows maintenance staff to use inexpensive mobile devices to receive work orders, manage priorities, communicate with supervisors, and close out work orders entirely in the field, without paper. This led to a 10% reduction in non-productive field time for maintenance employees.</p><p><strong>​Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization</strong> – The city consolidated some operations into leased data center space and continues moving towards a virtual environment. These moves have led to fewer server purchases and lower costs for power and cooling.  By the end of 2013, the City had saved $1.85 million on servers, $250,000 on server cabinets, $100,000 per year on electricity, and $60,000 in cooling costs.    </p><p><strong>​Cybersecurity, Internal and External Education</strong> - The city’s award-winning Information Security website at provides valuable information on how residents can keep safe in the cyberspace world.  The city also provides web-based training to employees to ensure they are following online security best practices and protecting the public’s information.</p><p>In addition to submitting initiatives for the main categories, cities were invited to submit two additional initiatives exclusive from any of the other four.  Phoenix’s submittals covered public safety and city planning:</p><p><strong>Smart Policing and Safe Neighborhoods</strong> – The city provides web applications at the <a href="/piosite/police">Police Department website</a> allowing residents to query and map selected crimes for their neighborhood and file police reports for non-emergency crimes.  Additionally, the Neighborhood Services Department has made available a mobile app, myPHXAZ, for iPhones and Androids, that can be used for reporting blight and other neighborhood issues and can be downloaded from an app store.</p><p><strong>Planning for Phoenix’s Future</strong> – Residents can participate in planning for the communities along the light rail line by providing input at the <a href="" target="_blank">Reinvent Phoenix website</a>; support sustainability by finding out how to help the city reduce the amount of trash sent to city landfills by 40 percent by the year 2020 at the <a href="/piosite/publicworks">Public Works Department website</a>; and reviewing and providing feedback on the Phoenix General Plan at the <a href="" target="_blank">PlanPHX website</a>.</p>
ENR Southwest, Owner of the Year and Best Project awards193ENR Southwest, Owner of the Year and Best Project awards2014-11-14T07:00:00Z<p>ENR Southwest recognized the city for the Aviation Department's PHX Sky Train at Sky Harbor International Airport and the Streets Department's Melrose Gateway Monument Project at the Best Projects Awards lunch in Phoenix on Nov. 14.  </p><p>The driverless automated PHX Sky Train® operates 24-hours a day, arriving at stations every 3 minutes during peak periods, and delivering passengers to their destinations within 5 minutes of boarding. </p><p>The Melrose Gateway is a steel art structure that spans 7th Avenue just north of Indian School Road and demarks the start of the Melrose District.  The structure was designed by Gensler Architects and constructed by The Weitz Company.  It was installed and dedicated in November of 2013 and has been nominated for several awards.</p>
Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index Perfect Score171Human Rights Campaign Municipal Equality Index Perfect Score2014-11-12T07:00:00Z<p>For the second straight year, the City of Phoenix has earned a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign's municipal equality index (MEI), which measures how supportive U.S. communities are of the gay and lesbian community. </p><p>Last year, Phoenix was one of the most improved cities in the nation and became the first Arizona city to earn a perfect score. This year, Phoenix was joined by both Tucson and Tempe.  </p><p>"People are taking notice that Phoenix is one of the most diverse and friendly cities in America, and that's good for everyone," Mayor Greg Stanton said. "We are a more vibrant and more economically viable city when we treat every person equally under the law."</p><p>In February 2013, the City Council passed a sweeping anti-discrimination ordinance that made it unlawful to discriminate against someone based on sexual orientation, gender identity or disability for the purposes of employment, public accommodations, housing, and government contracts. </p><p>Over the past year, Phoenix doubled housing grants awarded to the non-profit organization one-n-ten to provide housing for LGBT youth and the City Council called on Gov. Jan Brewer to veto S.B. 1062, the so-called "right to discriminate" bill, with an 8-to-1 vote.</p><p>"I am proud that the City of Phoenix supports equality and inclusion for all of our employees and residents," Councilwoman Laura Pastor said. "I applaud the Mayor's leadership on this issue and look forward to continuing the progress the City has made."</p><p>"Today's announcement underscores what many of us already know: after years of hard work by community leaders and advocates, Phoenix is a city that believes in equality through and through," said Councilwoman Kate Gallego. "From the everyday residents who have made change in our city by advocating for equality to the elected leadership, our city has embraced full equality for all of our residents as a fundamental value, not just a sound bite. I look forward to working with Mayor Stanton and my other colleagues in continuing to improve our city and working to make the change we need to bring full equality to all Arizonans."</p><p>"I am pleased that the City of Phoenix has earned a perfect score for a second consecutive year on the Municipal Equality Index by the Human Rights Campaign," said Councilman Daniel Valenzuela. "The human rights ordinance passed in Phoenix in 2013 by mayor and council strengthens protection for those individuals in the LGBT and disabled communities. Receiving a perfect score again in 2014 demonstrates that we truly are more than just a diverse city, we are an inclusive city. We want the country and the world to see Phoenix as a city that finds strength and beauty in diversity and we are open for business."</p><p>"Phoenix's continued leadership to promote equality is strengthening our economy," said Angela Hughey, co-founder of ONE Community, a coalition of socially responsible businesses that actively support diversity. "We've come a long way, and I'm proud that we have elected officials who will continue to make sure that all of our diverse citizens is celebrated, respected and protected."</p>
Associated Minority Contractors of America - Advocate of the Year -186Associated Minority Contractors of America - Advocate of the Year -2014-11-08T07:00:00Z<p>Valerie Churchwell, Small Business Outreach Manager in the Aviation Department, received the recognition for her work developing and implementing education programs and services to increase competitiveness, awareness, and procurement opportunities at the city's three airports.</p><p>The annual award is presented to an individual whose outreach to minority subcontractors have made a direct impact on the minority-, women- and disadvantaged business community.</p><p>​The Associated Minority Contractors of America is the principal association in Arizona representing and advocating on behalf of all minority and women-owned contractors.</p>
Airport Safety Award - Federal Administration's Flight Standards District Office and Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona187Airport Safety Award - Federal Administration's Flight Standards District Office and Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona2014-11-03T07:00:00Z<p>Phoenix Goodyear Airport (GYR) was selected as the recipient of the 2014 Airport Safety Award presented by the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and the Aviation Safety Advisory Group of Arizona (ASAG). The award recognizes significant improvements or advances in airport safety through either facility, procedural, outreach, or training improvements or innovations. </p>
Various Awards - National Association of Housing and Redevelopment188Various Awards - National Association of Housing and Redevelopment2014-10-28T07:00:00Z<p>​The Housing Department received four awards presented by the housing industry’s associations: Arizona chapter of National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) and Arizona Housing Authority Director’s Association (AHADA).</p><p><strong>Employee of the Year</strong></p><ul><li>Housing Maintenance Category was awarded to Johnmark Bradley, Building Maintenance Foreman in the Housing Modernization Division for his leadership in renovating and improving the public housing stock owned by the City. He led a team focused on addressing unit turns on vacant public housing units thereby, reducing vacancies by 28 units within three months. <br><br></li><li>Section 8 Housing Category was awarded to Dawn Marsolais, Housing Program Representative in the Section 8 Division that served the homeless veterans in the VASH program with excellence and customer service.</li></ul><p><strong>Program Innovation</strong></p><ul><li>Section 8 Division staff received this award for its innovative approach with administrative methods as demonstrated by a new staffing model which reduced file errors. </li></ul><p>Arizona NAHRO and AHADA annually recognize excellence throughout the state of Arizona.  The awards encourage support and reward professionalism and integrity for those programs and individuals dedicated to developing, promoting and administering community development and housing programs in Arizona. </p><p> </p>
Judge Bob Jones Memorial Award175Judge Bob Jones Memorial Award2014-10-25T07:00:00Z<p>​The Honorable Roxanne Song Ong, presiding judge of the Phoenix Municipal Court, earned an award from the American Judges Association for significant contributions to judicial education. The 2014 Judge Bob Jones Memorial Award was presented to Judge Song Ong October 7 at the annual conference of the American Judges Association.</p><p>She was nominated for the 2014 Judge Bob Jones Memorial Award by members of the Arizona Supreme Court’s Education Services Division.</p><p>Judge Song Ong chaired the Arizona Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Education and Training from 2003 to 2013. She also chaired the Supreme Court’s Commission on Minorities from 2006 to 2014 and serves various roles on the Supreme Court Commission on Technology, the New Judge Orientation Program, and Arizona Judicial College. She is a member of the Arizona Judicial Council, which sets policy and provides guidance for the effective supervision and management of the state court system.</p><p>Judge Song Ong has served as a judge in Phoenix since 1991, becoming assistant presiding judge of the Phoenix courts in 2000. She became the chief presiding judge of the Phoenix Municipal<br>Court in 2005. She is the first Asian woman judge in the State of Arizona and the first woman and minority to become the city’s top judge.</p><p>In addition to this prestigious national award, Judge Song Ong’s service to her community has earned her other awards, including:</p><p>• 2014 YWCA Tribute to Leadership Award for Public Service;</p><p>• 2014 Arizona State Bar Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law Award for Advancing Equal Opportunity in the Legal Profession;</p><p>• 2013 Maricopa County Bar Association’s Hall of Fame;</p><p>• 2013 Arizona Supreme Court Judge of the Year;</p><p>• 2013 Asian Pacific Community in Action Award;</p><p>• 2010 Arizona State Bar’s Judicial Award of Excellence; and</p><p>• 2009 National Asian American Bar Association’s Trailblazer Award.</p>
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Grant201U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Grant2014-10-02T07:00:00Z<p>​HUD recently awarded $3.4 million to the Neighborhood Services Department to protect children and families from the hazards of lead-based paint and from other home health and safety hazards. </p><p>The funding will be used to address lead hazards in 190 housing units, which will provide safer homes for low- and very low-income families with children.  The Lead Hazard Control grant also will provide funding for the city to perform healthy homes assessments in 160 units. </p><p>In addition, staff continues to collaborate with its partners in education, public health and city agencies.  Since 1995, NSD has received eight Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control (LBPHC) grants funded by HUD to address lead hazards in privately owned housing.  The city's Lead Hazard Control Program has remediated lead hazards in 1,448 privately owned, low-income housing units where children under six years of age reside.  The program also has provided significant community education for 30,966 people and trained 468 housing industry workers in lead-safe work practices.</p>
Hispanic Leaders Under 40 Award189Hispanic Leaders Under 40 Award2014-10-01T07:00:00Z<p>​In early October, Denise Archibald in the City Clerk Department was selected to receive a 2014 ’40 Hispanic Leaders Under 40’ award. </p><p>Univision Radio and Valle del Sol present the awards which recognize & promote excellence in leadership & community service.</p><p>Recipients were chosen based on their impact on community, their strong commitment to the issues they champion, their hardworking nature, & their excellent leadership skills. </p>
Arizona Forward, Award of Merit199Arizona Forward, Award of Merit2014-09-20T07:00:00Z<p>The Energize Phoenix Program was recognized at the Arizona Forward 34th Annual Environmental Excellence Awards Event. The Program, along with partners Arizona Public Service (APS) and Arizona State University (ASU), received the Award of Merit for their contributions to energy conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, creation of green employment and over $31 million of economic impact to the local economy</p>
Valley Forward Crescordia Award - Arizona Forward180Valley Forward Crescordia Award - Arizona Forward2014-09-20T07:00:00Z<p>The city of Phoenix won four first-place Crescordias and six Awards of Merit at the 34th annual Arizona Forward Environmental Excellence Awards.</p><p>The competition, which received nearly 100 entries, is Arizona’s oldest and most prestigious awards competition focusing exclusively on sustainability.  </p><p>The following city projects each received a Crescordia, a Greek term that means “to grow in harmony”:  </p><ul><li>Faye Gray Recreation Center (Holly Street Studio Architects/Parks and Recreation Department) – The center’s environmental features include passive solar design, local construction materials, catchment areas for rainwater runoff and roof overhangs for shade.  <br></li><li>Complete Streets Ordinances (Street Transportation Department) – The City Council-approved policy encourages people to walk, bike or use mass transit whenever possible. Complete Streets principles are integrated into all community planning. <br></li><li>Transit 2000: The Phoenix Transit Plan (Public Transit Department) – The plan has moved Phoenix from the 34th largest transit system in the nation to 28th and has paved the way for an influx of sustainable public and private transit-oriented development.<br></li><li>Ground Cover Public Art Project (Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture) – The project involved hundreds of craftspeople and artists who donated their time and talent to produce 300 individual handmade blankets that were assembled into a monumental art installation. The individual blankets later were distributed to the homeless.</li></ul><p>The following city projects received runner-up Awards of Merit:</p><ul><li>Innovations in Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well Technologies (Water Services Department) <br></li><li>Greening Lower Grand Avenue (Street Transportation/ Neighborhood Services departments) <br></li><li>Energize Phoenix (Public Works Department/Arizona Public Service) <br></li><li>Apache Wash Trailhead (Gavan & Barker, Inc./Parks and Recreation Department) <br></li><li>Hope Gardens at Matthew Henson Hope VI Public Art Project (Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture)<br></li><li>Desert Spring, Sonoran Boulevard Public Art Project (Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture)</li></ul>
American Planning Association Award192American Planning Association Award2014-09-01T07:00:00Z<p>​Neighborhood Services, Street Transportation, PLANet and Grand Avenue Merchant Association received an award from the American Planning Association (APA) Arizona Chapter for their efforts to Green Lower Grand Avenue.  The award recognized the innovative design and community based planning process.  Greening Lower Grand Avenue community design project was funded by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. </p><p>The project focused on bringing together diverse stakeholders to collaborate on ways to revitalize the mile long section of the street that runs from 7th Avenue to the I-10.  Over 200 residents and key stakeholders were engaged in over three days of meetings.  A final design was created based on the input from the community. The design focused on using sustainability, recognizing those efforts to reduce the urban heat island, decrease storm water runoff, increase the urban forest and increase connectivity to catalyze economic redevelopment. </p><p>The first phase of implementation of the plan is showing it to be a successful strategy</p>
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation - Five Star and Urban Waters Grant Award200National Fish & Wildlife Foundation - Five Star and Urban Waters Grant Award2014-08-18T07:00:00Z<p>​The Neighborhood Services Department was awarded $30,000 as a recipient of The Five Star and Urban Waters grant from The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) for a Greening Wilson Elementary School District Project.  NSD will partner with Watershed Management Group, Wilson School District, Support Sky Harbor Coalition, Arizona State University (ASU) and Artlink to implement a neighborhood green infrastructure project that will support the revitalization of the Sky Harbor neighborhood.  The Five Star and Urban Waters 2014 winners were selected from a highly competitive pool of more than 200 applications.  Projects must involve a high degree of partnership between local government agencies, elected officials, community groups, businesses, schools and environmental organizations for improving local water quality and restoring important fish and wildlife habitats.  Fifty three projects were awarded funding totaling $1.8 million; two of the 53 were given to projects in Arizona.  </p>
American Public Works Association, National Transportation Project of the Year202American Public Works Association, National Transportation Project of the Year2014-08-01T07:00:00Z<p>​The APWA awarded the Sonoran Boulevard: 15th Avenue to Cave Creek Road  Transportation Project of the Year Award in the $25M-$75M category.</p><div>Premier was the lead design consultant for the entire length of the project and completed the final design of the central 2.5 mile segment.  Michael Baker and Dibble designed the east and west ends respectively. Haydon, as the CMAR contractor, was responsible for the construction of this transportation corridor.  The teamwork between the consultants, contractor and the city resulted in a beautiful, seven-mile functional roadway with undisturbed desert on all sides, beautiful pedestrian bridges, artwork that makes the concrete barriers seem to seamlessly blend with the surrounding beauty, and a detached five-mile shared use path.</div>
National Association of Clean Water Agencies Platinum Peak Performance Award165National Association of Clean Water Agencies Platinum Peak Performance Award2014-07-29T07:00:00Z<p>The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) recently recognized the City of Phoenix for continued environmental excellence at its 23rd Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The plant earned NACWA’s Platinum Peak Performance Award for five consecutive years of perfect National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit compliance.</p><p>NACWA is a nationally-recognized leader in environmental policy, water quality, and ecosystem protection issues.</p><p>Phoenix treats 250 million gallons of wastewater each day after receiving it through 5,000 miles of sewer lines. The city treats wastewater from 2.5 million people in Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe. </p><h2>Phoenix Water Services Department</h2><p>The City of Phoenix Water Services Department is more than 100 years old and treats and distributes tap water to 1.5 million customers over approximately 540 square miles.  Water Services also manages Phoenix’s sewer system, and handles wastewater treatment operations for 2.5 million residents in five Valley cities.  Water Services infrastructure includes 7,000 miles of water lines, 5,000 miles of sewer lines, seven treatment plants, 50,000 fire hydrants and 90,000 manholes.  Phoenix’s water and sewer rates are among the lowest of comparable-sized cities nationwide.  Phoenix’s tap water supply is in very good shape due to decades of planning and multiple water sources.  Phoenix performs more than five million tests and measurements each year to meet or surpass stringent water quality regulations. The city reuses nearly all of its wastewater on crops, wetlands and energy production. </p>
Sky Harbor Airport Named Top Airport for New Small Businesses166Sky Harbor Airport Named Top Airport for New Small Businesses2014-07-29T07:00:00Z<font face="Times New Roman" size="3"><font face="Times New Roman" size="3"></font></font><p>Phoenix Sky Harbor International is the number one airport in the country for new small businesses, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General. The goal of the report was to identify which of the nation’s 64 largest airports have been able to successfully incorporate new DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) operators.  According to the report, airports have several procedures in place to encourage contract awards to new small businesses, including unbundling major contracts and leases, entering into direct contracts or leases with DBE/ACDBE (Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) firms, outreach initiatives and financial incentives.</p><p>In fiscal year 2012, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport added 14 new small businesses – the most of any airport in the nation.</p><p>In fact, the city of Phoenix helped secure $4 million in financing for small and disadvantaged business at the Airport.  “It is vital that we support and encourage small businesses at Sky Harbor and the city of Phoenix,” said Phoenix Councilman Daniel Valenzuela.  “Small businesses create jobs and opportunities.”</p><p>In 2011 and 2012, Sky Harbor rebid its food and beverage concession in Terminal 4, which serves more than 80 percent of the Airport’s passengers.  The contracts were awarded to HMS Host and SSP America.  Both have several local small businesses operating within those contracts and have brought extensive local, regional and national food offerings to the Airport, including Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Press Coffee Food &Wine, Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, Sir Veza’s Taco Garage, Tammie Coe Cakes, and many more.</p><p>Phoenix Sky Harbor also holds outreach events for companies interested in doing business with the Airport.  For additional information, visit  For the full report from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General, visit: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
Two Public Art Projects Among Nation's Top 37 164Two Public Art Projects Among Nation's Top 37 2014-07-28T07:00:00Z<p>Two Phoenix public art projects were named among the nation's top 37 public arts projects by the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Year in Review program. The projects, "Ground Cover" and "Desert Spring," were selected from 345 projects submitted in 2013 by cities and communities throughout the United States. </p><p>The Public Art Network Year in Review is the only annual program that celebrates the nation's most compelling public art. The awards were announced last month at the 2014 AFTA/PAN convention in Nashville.</p><p>"Ground Cover" was created by Arizona artist Ann Morton. She brought together quilters, knitters, weavers and ther  "blanketeers" from 22 states and two provinces of Canada to make 300 blankets that filled a vacant lot downtown with the monumental image of colorful desert flowers. The giant blanket (116 feet x 50 feet) was installed in December 2013 on a lot at First Avenue and McKinley Street. After the one-day display, the large blanket was disassembled into the 300 smaller ones, which were distributed to homeless people through social service agencies. </p><p>"Desert Spring" was designed by artists Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar of R+R Studios in Miami, in collaboration with Premier Engineering of Phoenix. The project was built by Haydon Building Corporation. It included photo mosaics, shaded viewing areas and seating to enhance the experience for drivers, bicyclists and hikers using the new Sonoran Boulevard and its multi-use trail through the Sonoran Desert Preserve in north Phoenix. The artists worked with the project engineering team to fully integrate the enhancements into the roadway's three bridges across Apache Wash and Cave Creek Wash. The mosaics – located on the bridge walls – depict a colorful panoramic view of the Sonoran desert plants.  </p><p>Both award-winning projects were commissioned by the city of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program. "Ground Cover" was supported in part by a National Endowment for the Arts "Our Town" grant as part of Cultural Connections, a series of temporary artworks commissioned by the city of Phoenix, the Arizona State University Art Museum and Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation.</p><p>For more information about Phoenix's Public Art Program, <a href="/piosite/arts">visit the Phoenix Arts and Culture website</a>, call 602-262-4637 or TTY 602-534-5500, or follow the Office of Arts and Culture on Facebook:</p><p>The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture was established by the Phoenix City Council in 1985 to advance the growth and development of the city's arts and cultural community.</p>
Top Five City for Small Business163Top Five City for Small Business2014-07-16T07:00:00Z<p>​Phoenix is one of America’s top five cities for creating small business opportunities and opening doors for entrepreneurs according to the National Federation of Independent Business.</p><p>The national organization cites “Phoenix’s rebounding economy, favorable climate and entrepreneurial culture” as elements that attract small business owners.  [Source: <a href=""></a>]</p><p>NFIB specifically recognized the City Council’s recent steps to improve efficiency and make it easier to do business with the city.  Phoenix now offers online review of building plans and has co-located city and Maricopa County permitting services at City Hall. </p><p>Under Stanton’s leadership, the City also adopted a Shop Local policy that increased the value of procurement contracts to local businesses from just $50,000 to more than $2.3 million in just two years.  The same concept was applied to local banking practices – the city has more than $36 million deposited in local banks, with plans to invest more. </p><p>The other cities that round out NFIB’s list are Casper, Wyo.; Jackson, Miss.; Las Vegas, and Orlando, Fla.</p>
Maricopa Association of Governments Desert Peak Award-Public/Private Partnership174Maricopa Association of Governments Desert Peak Award-Public/Private Partnership2014-06-26T07:00:00Z<p>The city of Phoenix and other valley cities, along, with the Maricopa County Air Quality Department, received  recognition through the 2014 Maricopa Association of Governments Desert Peak Award for Public/Private Partnership for participation in the region's Wintertime No Burn Campaign.</p><p>A popular winter holiday tradition features lighting fireplaces, chimineas and firepits. These traditions also mean increases in asthma and other lung problems with air quality pays the price.  </p><p>The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the Maricopa County Air Quality Department called No Burn Days to restrict wood burning on high pollution advisory days.</p><p>This winter, new stricter standards of fine dust particles known as PM2.5, combined with the valley's history of winter burning, brought the region perilously close to violating the standard.</p><p>In an unprecedented effort to maintain compliance, the agencies launched an aggressive outreach campaign encouraging residents to not burn wood on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.</p><p>Relying on the collaboration of business, industry, health, environmental, and government stakeholders, the campaign concluded successfully. Air quality improved from the previous year, there were no air quality violations for PM2.5, and the region stayed in attainment  with national air quality standards.</p>
Governor's Award in Public Archaeology184Governor's Award in Public Archaeology2014-06-13T07:00:00Z<p>The Aviation Department was honored for its efforts to keep Sky Harbor history alive. The Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission presented its 28th Annual Awards in Public Archaeology, and the Aviation Department was recognized for the publication, Seeds of Growth: Neighborhoods on the Salt River Floodplain. </p><p>Aviation’s Community Noise Reduction Program created the report, which included historical accounts and photos to document archaeological artifacts and information about individuals and families who helped shape the history of neighborhoods within the boundaries of the Voluntary Acquisition and Relocation Services (VARS) program area. </p><p>Aviation received the award June 13, 2014, in the Public Archaeology – Government Agency category. The honor is given to programs that have significantly contributed to the protection and preservation of, and education about, Arizona’s non-renewable archaeological resources. </p><p>A research team of archaeology consultants studied prehistoric and historic archaeological resources in the VARS project area. The Aviation Department funded the research in cooperation with the FAA and the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office. Seeds of Growth highlights the archaeological findings from the hand-dug irrigation canals in the first century A.D., through the contemporary history of influential area residents including former Phoenix City Councilman and longtime Eastlake neighborhood resident Calvin Goode. </p>
TripAdvisor Honors Orpheum Theatre with 2014 Certificate of Excellence Award167TripAdvisor Honors Orpheum Theatre with 2014 Certificate of Excellence Award2014-06-11T07:00:00ZTripAdvisor® honored the Orpheum Theatre with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence award.  The accolade, which is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide, recognizes hospitality excellence in establishments that consistently receive outstanding TripAdvisor traveler reviews.<br><br>The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence is awarded to establishments which demonstrate a commitment to exceptional hospitality.  To receive this award, businesses must maintain an overall TripAdvisor traveler bubble rating of four out of five.  It is also based on the volume of reviews within the last 12 months.<br><br>The Orpheum Theatre is an internationally recognized arts and entertainment venue listed on the national register of historic places.  Built in 1929 as a vaudeville house, the Orpheum underwent a major renovation project that restored it to its original splendor.  The theater’s active volunteer corps, managed by the Friends of the Orpheum Theatre, provides FREE monthly public tours to highlight the theater’s storied past, lavish décor and Spanish baroque architecture. The 1,364-seat Lewis Auditorium is accented with dramatic gold leaf columns and a hand-painted ceiling that depicts bright sunset hues and starry night sky views. The extensive renovation included modern upgrades and state-of-the-art audiovisual components which enhances the overall ambiance for the off-Broadway stage productions, concerts, corporate meetings and special events held at the venue today. <br><h2>About the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues:</h2>The award-winning Phoenix Convention Center is one of the 25 largest convention venues in the United States. It offers nearly 900,000 square feet of rentable meeting and exhibition space and can accommodate 80% of the convention meetings market.  Established in 1969 as a department of the city of Phoenix, the Phoenix Convention Center is a critical economic enterprise for the state and local economy.  The Phoenix Convention Center & Venues include the Phoenix Convention Center, Executive Conference Center - Downtown Phoenix, Symphony Hall, Orpheum Theatre and five parking garages.
Expo Magazine Ranks Phoenix No. 2 for Trade Shows and Events168Expo Magazine Ranks Phoenix No. 2 for Trade Shows and Events2014-05-05T07:00:00ZIn a 2014 survey of more than 126 show managers, Expo Magazine ranked Phoenix No. 2 as the most popular destination to hold trade shows and events, right behind Las Vegas.  <br><br>Phoenix’s rise to the top of the list came as a surprise.  Publishers indicated, “No. 2 on the list of favored cities to hold a trade show in this year is Phoenix, but if show managers had been asked the same question 10 years ago, they say it would have ranked only No. 5. That may be in large part because of the expansion of the Phoenix Convention Center and the development of several new hotels in downtown Phoenix that has taken place over the last decade.” <br><br>Association show managers comprised 51 percent of the survey respondents, of which 31 percent plan shows that need 200,000 square feet or more of event space.  The show managers used several criteria to rank destinations including ease of access, numerous flights in and out of the city, venue size, cost and reasonable hotel accommodations for attendees.<br><br>The top eight destinations on the list include: 1. Las Vegas; 2. Phoenix; 3. Chicago; 4. Orlando; 5. (tie) Atlanta, Boston and New York; 6. (tie) Anaheim and Philadelphia; 7. San Diego; and 8. San Francisco.<br><br>Since the completion of the Phoenix Convention Center expansion project, which tripled its size, the facility is now able to accommodate more than 80 percent of the convention meetings market and was ranked a top 10 U.S. convention center by Business Review USA.<br><br>The Phoenix Convention Center, which contributes a positive economic impact to the city of Phoenix and state of Arizona, welcomed its one millionth visitor in 2013 equating to nearly $1.5 billion in direct spending to the local economies.  The center has hosted many notable events including the NBA All-Star Jamfest, WWE Fan Axxess, MLB All-Star Fanfest, National Rifle Association, the VFW National Convention and the U.S. Green Building Council.  The facility is beginning preparations to host the 2015 Super Bowl Media Center and NFL Experience.<br><br>For more information, <a href="" target="_blank">visit the Phoenix Convention Center website</a>. <br><h2>About the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues:</h2>The Phoenix Convention offers nearly 900,000 square feet of rentable meeting and exhibition space and is one of the 25 largest convention venues in the United States. A critical economic enterprise for the city of Phoenix and the state of Arizona, the Phoenix Convention Center can accommodate 80 percent of the convention market.  Established in 1969, the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues owns and manages the Phoenix Convention Center, Symphony Hall, the Orpheum Theatre, Executive Conference Center Downtown Phoenix, Herberger Theater and five public parking facilities. For more information, visit<br>
National Honor Award, American Consulting Engineers Council185National Honor Award, American Consulting Engineers Council2014-04-29T07:00:00Z<p>Sky Harbor Airport's PHX Sky Train received the recognition at what is considered the "Academy Awards" of engineering world.</p><p>The new state-of-the-art automated people mover system at<br>one of the nation’s ten busiest airports features the world’s first transit bridge over an active runway. The driverless 1.9-mile sky train connects terminals, parking areas, ground transportation centers and local light rail while reducing airport traffic by 20,000 vehicles a day, and greenhouse gas emissions by 6,000 tons a year. The project’s centerpiece is a 340-foot bridge span with a vertical clearance of 90 feet above a live taxiway—tall enough for a Boeing 747 to pass below. In becoming the world’s first transit bridge over an active airport taxiway, the project helped establish the first Federal Aviation Administration design guidelines for such a structure. The project is also the only LEED-certified public transportation campus in the world.</p>
NAACP President's Award194NAACP President's Award2014-04-26T07:00:00Z<p>​Deputy Aviation Director Marchelle Franklin received the award at the NAACP's annual award ceremony.  The President’s Award is a distinguished honor given to community leaders who are “actively challenging society to end discrimination, embrace diversity, and ensure greater opportunity for all people.” </p>
Phoenix Business Journal - Valley's Healthiest Employer Designation183Phoenix Business Journal - Valley's Healthiest Employer Designation2014-04-16T07:00:00Z<p>​For the third year in a row, the city of Phoenix has been named one of the Valley’s healthiest employers by The Phoenix Business Journal. The city was ranked ninth among large employers with 1,500 or more employees. </p><p>The Business Journal recognized the honorees at a recent awards breakfast, congratulating them for adopting innovative strategies for addressing employees’ health risk factors.</p><p>The city’s employee wellness program, known internally as Fit4Phx, offers reduced health-insurance rates for employees who complete a biometric screening and annual health risk assessment, free flu shots, on-site mammograms and prostate screenings, health education classes, on-site health coaching, an incentive-based walking program; and employee discounts for YMCA memberships.    </p><p>The city’s goal is to help employees become aware of their own health and provide assistance to them so they can be healthier and more productive for the residents of Phoenix, while reducing overall costs for the city’s health-care program.     </p>
Arizona Transit Association/Arizona Department of Transportation - 2014 Excellence Award179Arizona Transit Association/Arizona Department of Transportation - 2014 Excellence Award2014-04-15T07:00:00Z<p>Public Transit Department Planner III Farshid Akhavan was presented with an award from Arizona Transit Association (AzTA) in conjunction with Arizona Department of Transportation at the annual conference. The award was the 2014 Excellence Award for Outstanding Transit Individual. The Outstanding Transit Individual award recognizes an individual that has provided outstanding leadership and/or contributions to public transportation programs to the transit industry, to a jurisdiction or municipality, or to the private sector to improve the quality of transit services.</p><p>The annual awards luncheon, sponsored by First Transit, was attended by nearly 200 people representing the public transportation industry in Arizona.  The awards, dating back to the late 1980’s, serve as an indicator of outstanding performance of individuals, organizations, and programs throughout the state.</p>
Graffiti Fighter Award - Zero Graffiti International191Graffiti Fighter Award - Zero Graffiti International2014-04-01T07:00:00Z<p>The Neighborhood Services Department's Graffiti Busters Team attended the Zero Graffiti International Conference, a "call to action" of networking cities worldwide that are dealing with graffiti vandalism issues that share ideas about eradicating the problem.  The Zero Graffiti International presented NSD with a Graffiti Fighter Award for its Blight Buster Volunteer Program. </p>
SkyTrax World Airport Award182SkyTrax World Airport Award2014-03-27T07:00:00Z<p>​The SkyTrax’s World Airport Awards, a global benchmark of airport excellence, recently named Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as one of the World’s Best Airports serving 40-50 million passengers in 2014. Phoenix Sky Harbor ranked seventh in the world and joins the ranks of other international airports such as Incheon International Airport in South Korea and Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia.</p><p>These awards were presented at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. The annual World Airport Awards are one of the most respected honors in the industry. Honorees are selected by customers in the largest, annual independent global airport customer satisfaction survey.</p><p>The survey asks customers from more than 160 countries to rank 410 airports based on 39 key indicators such as ease of check-in, terminal comfort and cleanliness, choice of shopping and dining<br>options, and friendliness of airport staff.</p>
National Award of Distinction from the U.S. Navy177National Award of Distinction from the U.S. Navy2014-03-26T07:00:00Z<p>The Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) presented Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton with its first National Award of Distinction for his leadership, commitment and dedication in achieving a solution to the chronic homelessness of military Veterans in the Greater Phoenix area.</p><p>More than 400 AUSN members live in Arizona, many of them in the Phoenix area. AUSN has been active before the Arizona Legislature and has been successful in advocating  bills passed by the Legislature and signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in the past few years.</p><p>The Association of the United States Navy, located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, VA, strives to advance the interests of the U.S. Navy and to protect the rights and benefits of its Sailors. Formerly the Naval Reserve Association, in late 2009 the Association grew to include all members of the Navy communities: active and Reserve; officer, enlisted and civilian; serving, Veteran and retired; and their families. Today, AUSN is the leading voice for America’s Sailors, a strong supporter of American naval power, a leading provider of professional career development and the largest advocacy association in support of the Navy and current and former Sailors. For more information on the Association of the United States Navy, visit <a href=""></a>.</p>
WTS Phoenix Chapter Innovative Transportation Award - Women in Transportation181WTS Phoenix Chapter Innovative Transportation Award - Women in Transportation2014-03-22T07:00:00Z<p>​The Public Transit Department received the award for its Senior Center Shuttle and Group Trip programs at a ceremony held on March 22.</p><p>Founded in 1977, WTS is an international organization dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women. Boasting more than 5,000 members--both women and men--WTS is helping women find opportunity and recognition in the transportation industry.  </p>
National League of Cities - Cultural Diversity Award172National League of Cities - Cultural Diversity Award2014-03-12T07:00:00Z<p>The city of Phoenix has been recognized with second place honors by National League of Cities (NLC) for implementing its "Phoenix Against Domestic Violence - A Roadmap to Excellence" program in the population category of more than 400,001 residents.  </p><p>"A Roadmap to Excellence" is a five-year strategic plan to end domestic violence.  More than 50 community partners, private and nonprofit organizations collaborated to create a plan that includes a community and media campaign focusing on five strategies: community awareness, coordinated service delivery, systems reform, "Phoenix as a Model" and community partnerships.</p><p>"It was an honor to accept this award on behalf of the city of Phoenix and our community partners," said Councilwoman Thelda Williams.  "What makes 'A Roadmap to Excellence' so unique is that it brings together city leaders, advocates and domestic violence experts to find real solutions to one of our most immediate public safety issues.  Thank you to NLC for shining your spotlight on this effort and bringing even more awareness to the issue of domestic violence."</p><p>The 2014 City Cultural Diversity Awards Program, established in 1995, recognizes municipal programs that encourage citizen involvement and honors cities that develop creative and effective programs designed to improve and promote cultural diversity through a collaborative process with city officials, community leaders and residents.  </p><p>NLC is dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities and is a resource and advocate for 19,000 cities, towns and villages representing more than 218 million Americans.</p><p>For more information about the City Cultural Diversity Awards, visit  For more information about "A Roadmap to Excellence," visit</p>
"Best of Web" Award - Information Security and Privacy Website 173"Best of Web" Award - Information Security and Privacy Website 2014-02-24T07:00:00Z<p>For the second year in a row, the city's <a href="/piosite/its/infosec">Information Security and Privacy website </a>received a "Best of the Web" award from the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) in the Local Government category. </p><p>The <a href="/piosite/its/infosec">website</a> is administered by the city's Information Security and Privacy Office (ISPO) and includes information for everyone on how to protect their family, computers, identity, and privacy, as well as special information for businesses. The site also contains numerous resources, educational videos and articles. </p>
National Institute of Senior Centers 2013 Program of Excellence Award37National Institute of Senior Centers 2013 Program of Excellence Award2014-02-20T07:00:00Z<p>The National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC) awarded the Human Services Department with a 2013 Programs of Excellence Award for its FitPHX Senior Champions Passport Program in the Nutrition, Fitness and Health Promotion category.</p><p>This category recognizes programs designed to improve the physical wellbeing of seniors and/or to improve the general health of seniors through health-related programs, lectures and screenings.</p><p>FitPHX Senior Champions Program participants from the city’s 15 senior centers were provided a FitPHX passport, which they use to track their progress completing a variety of events.  Activities focused on four areas of wellness: physical activity, nutrition education, mental wellness and overall health awareness. </p><p>The NISC Annual Programs of Excellence Awards contest is designed to honor and promote the outstanding efforts made by senior centers to enhance program offerings to seniors.  The FitPHX Senior Champions Passport Program was selected as the winner from more than 100 other submissions from all across the country.  </p><p>FitPHX is a citywide initiative, led by Mayor Stanton, Councilman Valenzuela and Olympic Gold Medalist Misty Hyman, with the goal of improving health and wellness in the region and making the Phoenix area one of the healthiest in the nation. For more information, <a href="/piosite/parks/fitphx"> visit the FitPHX website</a> or call 602-262-6864.</p>
Arizona Nursery Assocation, Person of the Year Award132Arizona Nursery Assocation, Person of the Year Award2014-02-11T07:00:00Z<p>The Arizona Nursery Association recently recognized Water Services’ Mary Lu Nunley with its Person of the Year award for her continuing support of the Southwest Horticulture Annual Day of Education and for helping area nurseries promote water-efficient landscaping and irrigation.</p><p>The AZNA is a professional trade organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the nursery industry in Arizona.</p><p><strong>Media Contact:<br></strong>Ken Kroski   602-534-1209</p>
2013 Star of the Industry882013 Star of the Industry2014-02-11T07:00:00Z<p>Sky Harbor International Airport's Navigator program won the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association’s "2013 Star of the Industry" award in the Guest Relations category.  </p><p><strong>Media Contact:<br></strong>Sky Harbor Airport Public Information Office    602-273-3300</p>
President Barack Obama Recognizes Phoenix and Mayor Greg Stanton for Efforts to End Chronic Homelessness178President Barack Obama Recognizes Phoenix and Mayor Greg Stanton for Efforts to End Chronic Homelessness2014-01-21T07:00:00Z<p>At a White House reception for Mayors, the President spoke specifically about the critical role mayors play in the lives of Americans, holding up the achievements of Mayor Ralph Becker of Salt Lake City and <strong>Mayor Greg Stanton of Phoenix, Arizona </strong>and their communities as proof that progress can be made despite challenges.   </p><p>"Everyday mayors are proving that you don't have to wait for the gridlock to clear in Congress in order to make things happen," the President said.  "Mayor Greg Stanton in Phoenix and Mayor Ralph Becker in Salt Lake City, Utah have ended chronic homelessness among Veterans."</p>
2013 Softball Complex of the Year382013 Softball Complex of the Year2014-01-14T07:00:00Z<p>​<strong><span>Jan. 14, 2014</span></strong></p><p>Senior Softball USA has chosen Papago Softball Complex as its 2013 Softball Complex of the Year.</p><p>The organization, which holds tournaments in 60 cities annually, noted that the complex is beautiful and exceptionally maintained.</p><p><strong>Media Contact:</strong></p><p>David Urbinato      602-262-4994</p>
AARP - Phoenix 'One of 6 Places to Experience Big City Wilderness'162AARP - Phoenix 'One of 6 Places to Experience Big City Wilderness'2013-12-17T07:00:00Z<p>​<strong>December 2013</strong></p><p>The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) recently included Phoenix in an online travel article as one of "6 Places to Experience Big City Wilderness."</p><p>The online article listed Phoenix as one of the few large metropolitan areas "…lucky enough to have undeveloped tracts of nature so large, they can offer a taste of wilderness within their city limits." The piece, which can be <a href="" target="_blank"> viewed on the AARP website</a>, highlighted South Mountain Park/Preserve which, at more than 16,000 acres, is the largest municipally operated park in the country.</p><p>With the growth of the city’s Sonoran Preserve, South Mountain's vast acreage doesn’t even represent half of the city's desert preserve acreage, which has grown to more than 33,000 acres.</p><p>Information on Phoenix desert preserves is available on the <a href="/piosite/parks">Parks and Recreation website</a>.</p><p><strong>Media Contact:</strong></p><p>David Urbinato   602-262-4994</p>
Sky Harbor Airport Recognized for Offering Healthy Food for Travelers89Sky Harbor Airport Recognized for Offering Healthy Food for Travelers2013-12-01T07:00:00Z<p><strong>December 2013</strong></p><p>Travelers who are counting calories will appreciate a lay-over at Sky Harbor International Airport.</p><p>According to an annual ranking by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Sky Harbor is among the top airports in the country for travelers seeking healthful food.</p><p>Nearly 80 percent of the airport’s restaurants offer at least one high-fiber, cholesterol-free menu item, the nonprofit physicians’ group noted.</p><p><strong>Media Contact:</strong></p><p>Heather Lissner    602-683-2634</p>
George Weisz Law Enforcement Award67George Weisz Law Enforcement Award2013-12-01T07:00:00Z<p><strong>December 2013</strong></p><p>Police Sgt. Jeff Young received the George Weisz Law Enforcement Award at the Anti-Defamation League’s recent Torch of Liberty Awards Dinner.</p><p>Young was honored for his work with the Police Department’s Bias Crimes/Graffiti Squad</p>
2013 Process, Progress and Leadership in Health Promotion Award42013 Process, Progress and Leadership in Health Promotion Award2013-12-01T07:00:00Z<p><strong>December 2013</strong></p><p>The Wellness Council of Arizona presented the city’s Benefits Office with a 2013 Process, Progress and Leadership in Worksite Health Promotion award.</p><p>Additionally, Deputy Human Resources Director Mary Kyle was recognized as a “Champion of Worksite Wellness,” and Andria Jackson with Street Transportation was recognized for her personal achievement in health improvement.</p><p>The city partners with the Wellness Council to offer on-site wellness coaching to employees and other wellness programs.</p><p><br><strong>Media Contact:</strong></p><p>Joyce Valdez    602-262-6213</p>
National Geographic - One of the Best Hiking Cities90National Geographic - One of the Best Hiking Cities2013-11-29T07:00:00Z<p>​<strong>November 2013</strong></p><p>National Geographic named Phoenix as one of the nation’s best hiking cities in an <a href="" target="_blank"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc">online article</font></span></a>, specifically focusing on the 17,000 acre South Mountain Park.</p><p>According to the article, "...South Mountain Park is the largest municipal park in the world, a veritable wilderness within the city of Phoenix. Javelinas and coyotes prowl the 58 miles of trails studded with saguaros, spindly ocotillos, and cholla cacti that bloom lipstick-pink in spring. Park at the Pima Canyon Trailhead and wander a nest of well-mapped trails, or tackle all or part of the 14.3-mile National Trail, which leads to spectacular lookouts on South Mountain over Phoenix and Camelback Mountain, another classic local summit hike."</p><p>Visit the <a href="/piosite/parks"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><font color="#0066cc">Parks and Recreation website</font></span></a> for more information about the Phoenix Mountain Preserves and other city recreational facilities.</p><p><strong>Media Contact:</strong></p><p>David Urbinato 602-262-4994 </p>