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Downtown Street Closures
Driving Tips
ADA Drop Off Locations
Ride Share (Drop-off/Pick-up Locations)


Downtown Phoenix is going to be the hub for many events associated with the 2017 Final Four games. These events will create a high volume of activity downtown; extra traffic, road closures, and parking availability will affect motorists planning on attending the events. Please read the information below before planning your trip downtown.

Downtown Street Closures

Street Closures

To see planned street closures please visit the Downtown Interactive Map or download a 2-page Street Closures PDF . See also Streets Planned Restrictions

Driving Tips

  • Drivers are encouraged to avoid Seventh Street to enter or exit downtown Phoenix. Seventh Street is expected to have the heaviest amount of traffic.
  • Drivers should enter or exit downtown Phoenix from the west or south. Avoid congestion by exiting the freeways on Seventh Avenue.
  • Allow for extra travel time as some streets will be restricted in downtown Phoenix.
  • Look for wayfinding signage to help guide you into downtown Phoenix, parking facilities and to the airport.
  • Be on the lookout for electronic message signs as you enter freeways and downtown for messages on traffic, parking and events.
  • Check for interstate traffic updates by dialing 5-1-1 from any landline or mobile phone in Arizona. 511 is maintained by the Arizona Department of Transportation.
  • All drivers are encouraged to drive with caution and to heed all traffic warnings.
  • Drivers are encouraged to be mindful of pedestrian traffic as the Final Four festivities will draw a large number pedestrians near Margaret T. Hance Park and downtown Phoenix.
  • To help ensure the safe movement of traffic, police officers will be deployed throughout downtown Phoenix to help direct motorists and pedestrians.
  • Please note that other events also will be taking place in and around the vicinity of downtown Phoenix.
  • Please review route and parking information on the Downtown Interactive Map

ADA Drop-Off Locations

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) drop-off locations are available throughout downtown. These locations are only intended for drop off and pick up purposes. View our Downtown Interactive Map for ADA drop-off/pick-up locations.

  • 3rd Street and Jefferson (just south, west curb)
  • Jackson, between 1st & 2nd Street (south curb)
  • 5th Street between Washington and Monroe (east side)
  • 1st Avenue and Adams (north curb, just west of 1st Avenue)
  • Between 2nd and 3rd Avenue (south curb of Jefferson)
  • 3rd Street and Taylor (east curb)
  • 5th Street and Van Buren (just north, west curb)
  • 2nd Street and Washington (Symphony Hall pull-in)
  • 1st Street and Adam (south curb)

Ride Share (Drop-off/Pick-up Locations)

During the Final Four weekend, dedicated taxi zones, and rideshare services (like Uber and Lyft) will be made available in downtown at the following locations:

  • Jefferson Street - Second to First avenues
  • Fifth Street - Monroe to Van Buren streets
  • Third Street - Jackson to Buchanan streets
  • Monroe Street - Second to Third streets
  • First Street - Monroe to Van Buren streets

Parking in Downtown
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