Summer Safety Digital Toolkit

Summer SafetyScorching heat. Flooding. Haboobs. Lightning. Dehydration. It must be Summer in Phoenix.

You’re probably looking for new ways to tell the “summer story.” Now that triple-digit temperatures are here until the fall, the city of Phoenix wants to help you tell monsoon and heat stories. Welcome to Summer Safety, a new campaign aimed at ensuring residents stay safe this summer in the heat and during storms.

More than a dozen citywide departments work year-round to prepare our city for the summer heat and storms. We are ready to respond to emergencies and are focused on our number one prioritykeeping our city safe.

Digital ToolkitToolkit Tips

  • Download file packages by topic that contain story ideas, high resolution photos, video clip interviews with staff, and media contact information.

  • Videos are HD H.264 codec MP4 files. Staff are indentified in slate with name and job title.

  • Packages are large ZIP files from Dropbox, please be patient as they download. A Dropbox account is not required (but can be helpful). To download the package, select Download (upper right corner). Do not drill down on the folder.
    Dropbox help image

  • Where possible, give a courtesy credit to City of Phoenix.

  • Please promote and #PHXSummer

  • Share and promote Summer Safety PDF

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