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Authority to Arrest Trespassers

An Authority to Arrest Trespassers gives police permission to arrest people trespassing on your property when the business is closed, without having to contact owner/management.

You can electronically submit an "Authority t​o Arrest" using our online form. This form grants officers permission to patrol your property and arrest people who might be trespassing on the premises. This is especially useful for property owners, winter visitors, and business owners.

If you are having issues submitting the form please email

View the Phoenix Police Department's Neighborhood Resources page on criminal trespass for more information.

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City of Phoenix

Phoenix Police Department

Authority To Arrest Trespassers


In the City of Phoenix, Arizona, hereby authorizes the Phoenix Police Department to patrol the premises indicated above and arrest person/s trespassing pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes sections 13-1501 through 13-1504. Trespassers include those who are not on the premises to visit or conduct lawful business with the management or a resident of the premises. A person commits Criminal Trespass by knowingly: 1) entering or remaining unlawfully on any real property after a reasonable request to leave by the owner or any person having lawful control over such property, or 2) are on the premises after a reasonable notice prohibiting entry. This authority applies 24 hours a day.

The undersigned agrees to cooperate fully in the prosecution of person/s subsequently arrested for trespassing violations occurring on the premises. Trespassing signage must be posted on the property.

This form is valid from the date of signature for one year. Any changes in ownership or management must be noted to the police department as soon as possible.


Owner, Resident, or Designated Agent