About Sex Crimes

The Adult Sex Crimes Cold Case was developed in 2000 and initially reviewed thousands of unsolved sexual assault cases for solvability factors as well submitted volumes of forensic evidence for scientific analysis.  As a result, many DNA matches were made to other cases as well as to known offenders.  

Investigators have worked diligently to review their assigned cold cases to: 

  1. Determine if any additional investigative leads exist and can be pursued in the cases, and 
  2. Determine if any forensic evidence, in consultation with our Crime Lab personnel, i.e. fingerprint, or current DNA technology can be applied to enhance the solvability of the case.

As investigators proceed thorough this investigative review process, they compute a solvability factor for the case.  These solvability factors assist investigators in determining which cases to focus on upon completion of this initial investigative review.

Adult Sex Crimes Cold Case investigators routinely receive information that present new information or leads in their cases.  When new investigative information is obtained, investigators promptly pursue the leads, which in many cases results in the successful conclusion to an unsolved cold case.


Police Cold Case Silent Witness tip image