Outreach Initiatives

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The Community and Police Trust Initiative (CPTI) was created by City Manager Ed Zuercher in March 2015. The mission of the CPTI was to build on the work of the Community Engagement and Outreach Task Force to further enhance police and community relations through continued dialog and partnership.  As a result of the CPTI, and in an effort to enhance transparency and information sharing pertaining to several aspects of the Police Department and its operations, several yearly, bi-annually and quarterly reports regarding topics of noted interest are included on this page.

Critical Incident Transparency Protocol

City Manager’s City Council Report on Community & Police Trust Initiative

2017 Presidential Visit

Use of Force Policy

The Phoenix Police Department respects the dignity of all persons and recognizes the sanctity of human life, rights and liberty. Operations Order 1.5, Use of Force covers use of physical force, non-deadly force and deadly force. Officers are trained to utilize deadly force only as a last resort when other measures are not practical under the existing circumstances. Sworn employees and affected civilian employees are trained and instructed in these policies before employing any of the weapons, tactics or techniques. 

Annual Officer Involved Shoot​​​​​ings ​​Reports

​​​Annual Cultural Competency, Diversity & Community Engagement Training Reports

​"Listening Sessions" Schedule

The Department has participated in community-organized listening sessions, including events at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in June 2019 and two sessions held at First Institutional Baptist Church in July 2019 and August 2019. A February 2020 session was held at Chicanos Por La Causa Maryvale Community Center.​

Bi-Annual Community Engagement Reports​​​