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Has your PC been hacked? Read about what to do in ISPO's View.

What's going on in the security and privacy world? Check out May's Security Snippets newsletter.

Change your Internet passwords! Security researchers discovered a vulnerability that affects "https" that allows others to get your personal information. Mashable has a great list of major sites that are affected. Important: Don't be fooled by scammers taking advantage of this. When changing your passwords on websites, type the site's address into your browser. Donot click on links in emails telling you to change your password. Read more.

Has your child been a victim of cyber bullying? Would you know? Here's a new presentation on cyber bullying plus the Top Ten Tips for Parents from security organization, (ISC)2.

Here's Hackers and Headlines, the presentation from ISPO's Data Privacy Day Lunch & Learn. Let us know what you think and what other topics you'd like to learn about! Send email to

Medical ID Theft is a growing problem. Check out First Aid for Medical ID Theft, a set of consumer tips written by the California Attorney General's Office. Help your health care provider protect your information by giving them this guide.

Just a reminder -- with tax season comes tax scams. What was true last year is still true today. Be careful out there and file your taxes early!
Before you buy yourteen a new tablet or smartphone, read this free eBook, One Parent to Another: Managing Technology and Your Teen.

ISPO -- home page best of the web graphic 2013 City of Phoenix Wins "Best of the Web" Again

The Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC), a collaborative organization whose mission is to improve the overall cyber security posture of state, local, territorial and tribal governments, conducts an annual Best of the Web contest to recognize one state/territory and one local government for the use of their​​ website to promote cyber security. The award is based on several criteria, including cyber security content, usability, accessibility, and appearance. The City of Phoenix won in thelocal government category for the second year in a row. Woo Hoo!

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About this Site

The city's Information Security & Privacy Office (ISPO) works to protect the city’s information systems and the information itself, such as information you may provide to the city.

We developed this site to help you protect your family, identity, privacy, computers, and business from the many emerging threats in today’s computerized world.

So what are information security and privacy? What do those terms actually mean? Take a look at these very short presentations introducing information security and privacy.

ISPO invites you to explore this site. Our goal is to provide not only information about security and privacy best practices, but also:

  • Clarity. We promise to talk to you only in English — not technicalese.

  • Explanations. Nobody likes to be dictated to, although in our role we sometimes have strong opinions and suggestions. Whenever possible, we’ll explain the “why,” like why you should use anti-virus software.

  • Balance. There’s no such thing as perfect security. You have to balance the risks with the security countermeasures. But it’s important for you to first understand the risks before blindly engaging in risky behaviors and practices.

  • FUD-Free. We promise not to “sensationalize” security or spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Security Theater doesn’t work. That’s the term for security countermeasures that provide the look of improved security while doing little or nothing to actually improve security.


This information is provided as a courtesy by City of Phoenix. However, this information is intended as an introduction only, and it is up to you to make sure you take the proper steps to secure your home PC, mobile devices, and/or business. The City of Phoenix is not responsible for computers not owned by the City and cannot answer specific questions about them, nor does the City of Phoenix recommend or endorse any specific vendors, products, or services.

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