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Phoenix's city streets are the site of dozens of festivals, runs, walks and parades each year. There is a lot you need to know if you are interested in holding an event on city streets. This online application will help you.

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Event Dates & Contact Info

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Event Start Time:

Event End Time:

Event Setup Start Time:

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Event Teardown Start Time:

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Event Location & Setup

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Event Components (Please select all that apply.)*


Will your event involve the use of Confetti?*


Street Closures

Does event require a motorcycle/police escort?*


Is the event at the Arizona State Capitol?*


Are Meter Bags Required?*



The sale or service of alcohol requires a liquor license. Contact the License Services Office at least 90 days prior to the date of the event for information on liquor licensing.

On the Web:
Phone: 602-262-4638(Option #3)
In person: Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington St., 1st Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

The approval of this City Street Special Event Application does not authorize the service or sale of alcohol.

Will alcohol be served or sold at the event?*


 I understand and acknowledge that the approval of this application only authorizes the use of the street/right-of-way and does not grant nor authorize other event activities including the right to sell or serve alcohol during the event. I understand that I must contact License Services and obtain a liquor license if I want to sell or serve alcohol.*

If alcohol is to be served at the event, please provide name and contact information for your Off Duty Coordinator(If known):

Stages, Tents and Utilities

Stage Information


Tent Information

Event Utilities

Please specify the type of event utilities*


Does event require access to a hydrant?*



Tents and generators may require additional permitting and inspection by the City of Phoenix. If you are planning on tents and/or generators at your event, please make sure that you have downloaded the "Special Events Application Info Packet" found on the special events website:

ADA Requirements

As required by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990,as amended, all events, workshops, conferences, hearings, or any other activities held on city property (city facilities, including buildings and parks, and public rights-of-way) must be accessible to people with disabilities.

I acknowledge that special events are required to meet all ADA requirements and are the responsibility of the event organizer.*


Application & Insurance Requirements

Application Conditions & Insurance Information*

I have read and understand the Insurance Requirements and agree to the following Indemnification Clause: To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Event Organizer(s) shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City and each of the City's officers, officials, employees, agents and independent contractors (excluding the Event Organizer) from and against any and all losses, damages, costs, expenses (including attorneys' fees), obligations, duties, fines, penalties, royalties, interest charges and other liabilities (including settlement amounts) paid or incurred by any of them as a result of any claims, demands, lawsuits, actions, or proceedings: (i) arising from the Event Organizer s failure to perform its obligations under this Contract; (ii) arising from any act of negligence or willful misconduct by the Event Organizer(s) or any of its agents, employees or subcontractors relating to this Contract, including but not limited to any liability caused by an accident or other occurrence resulting in bodily injury, death, sickness or disease to any person(s) or damage or destruction to any property, real or personal, tangible or intangible; (iii) arising from the Event Organizer(s) violation of any law (including, without limitation, immigration laws); (iv) seeking payment for labor or materials purchased or supplied by the Contractor or its subcontractors in connection with this Contract; (v) any claim that the Event Organizer(s) or an employee or subcontractor of the Event Organizer(s) is an employee of the City, including but not limited to claims relating to worker's compensation, failure to withhold taxes and the like; or (vi) alleging violation, misappropriation or infringement of any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other proprietary rights with respect to the Work or any products or deliverables provided to the City pursuant to this Contract ("Infringement Claims").

I understand that existing events can be reserved 13 months in advance.


Electronic Signature*

Electronic Signature*

I agree to conform to all city, state, and federal laws and regulations. I accept responsibility for the general cleaning and removal of trash, recycling, etc. from the premises. In the event that the site area is not cleaned after use, the cleanup fee may be taken out of the deposit or the applicant will be billed for additional clean-up by the City of Phoenix, Arizona. I agree to be accountable for any damage to the event site. I understand that all necessary fees, insurance, outside permits, etc. must be submitted before the issuance of the event permit.

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