Engineering Details

Engineering Details for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Detail DCE-D01 - Vertical Realignment Detail of 12-inch and Smaller Water Mains1- Download Detail DC​E-D01

Detail DCE-D02 - Two-inch Auto-flushing Assembly1 - Download Detail DCE-D02

Detail S-511 - Wastewater Manhole Force Main Tap (6" or Less) by contractor1- Download Detail S-511

Detail S-512 - Gravity Wastewater Manhole Tap by Contractor1- Download Detail S-512

Detail S-512D - Gravity Wastewater Manhole “Drop Connection Tap” by Contractor1 - Download Detail S-512D

Detail W-300 - Public Fire Hydrant- Download Detail W-300

Detail W-317 - Multiple Water Service Connection Installations - Download Detail W-317

Detail W-500 - Water Meter Vault for 3-inch to 8-inch - Download Detail W-500

Detail also can be provided in AutoCAD format. Contact the Water Resource and Development Planning Division 602-534-5813 to request that format.​