Customer Services

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​The PHX Customer Services Department strives to provide our valued customers with the highest quality water , sewer and trash service. We receive approximately 5,000 calls per day and manage more than 400,000 accounts that service 1.5 million customers.

Visit this site to start, stop or transfer a service.​

The links below are helpful in assisting you with customer service issues. If you still have questions, please call us at 602-262-6251, send us an email​, or visit one our Customer Services office locations.​ We are committed to responding to our customers with the highest quality and service.

Payment Services- Learn about how and where to pay your City Services Bill ​

Water and Sewer Rates and Charges - Following this link you will find information about Phoenix's tap water and sewer rates and charges, innovations and efficiencies and how to reduce your costs. 

General Service Issues & Information  - Learn about how to handle water and sewer related issues such as water pressure, water leaks, water quality, sewer backups, grease and cockroach issues.