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​Current Job Openings
with Water Services​​​​

​Water/Wastewater Modeler (Civil Engineer III)
Job ID 43763
Salary: $69,784 - $106,121

This position is with the Assets and Development Planning (ADP) Division. The ideal candidate will be an innovative and engaged individual that will undertake water or wastewater modeling analysis to support long-range infrastructure and development planning. 

This position's primary responsibilities include but are not limited to: 
  • Provide capacity analysis and improvement stipulations for private development projects through water and wastewater systems modeling. 
  • Provide modeling analysis and technical support for the department's overall water/wastewater system shutdowns for upcoming construction and/or system maintenance activities. 
  • Monitor and identify water/wastewater improvement needs within the system. 
  • Coordinate water use demand projection, development growth projection, and infrastructure construction unit cost studies to update the City's water/wastewater system master plans every five years. 
  • Manage projects to support system modeling and master plan studies, such as sewer metering, sewer basin, or fire flow studies.
  • Acquire, organize, and analyze data from flow monitoring or system surveys to calibrate system models. 
  • Participate in project meetings, report writing, and preparing presentations for management.

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Water Systems Operator
Job ID 45358
Salary: $42,744 - $62,670​ ​

The Water Systems Operator performs daily monitoring and control of staffed and non-staffed water works facilities through the operation of a central computerized system, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Duties include monitoring drinking water storage and flow at the City's surface water treatment plants and remote water facilities to determine water production and pumping needs; interacting with supervisors regarding current water demands to determine daily plant production requirements; communicating with outside agencies; and monitoring operational set points and alarm levels. The ideal candidate should have knowledge of the City of Phoenix water distribution system and remote facilities.

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Water Services Superintendent
Job ID 44451
Salary: $66,414 - $100,859

The Water Services Department is seeking two qualified managers with professional experience in the water industry.

One position opening for a Water Services Superintendent is in Water Distribution. This Water Services Superintendent position manages the preventative maintenance sections of the division including two water distribution yards with 90 positions. 

The other position opening for a Water Services Superintendent is in Water Meters. This Water Services Superintendent position manages the Special Field Operations section and Water Theft section with combined total of 30 positions. 

Water Services Superintendents report to a division Deputy Director who is responsible for the overall management of the operating division. The Water Services Superintendent provides direction to supervisors on daily operational decisions. Additionally, this position assists in the direction of the overall management, administration, operation, installation, and repair of the City's water system's infrastructure. In the absence of the division Deputy Director, the Superintendent, serves as delegate and is responsible for managing the operation of the respective division.

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Chief Water Quality Inspector
Job ID 45087
Salary: $57,075 - $86,902

The Chief Water Quality Inspector performs supervisory and technical work in the Water Services Department's industrial pre-treatment program, commercial inspection program, drinking water sampling, wastewater sampling, or storm water management program, and supervises senior water quality inspectors and water quality inspectors.

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