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Current Employment Opportunities

Principal Engineering Technician - Water Asset Management (Critical Position)
Job ID 38174
Salary: $55,931-$85,176

The Water Services Department (WSD) is seeking an individual with a background in asset management practices, computer maintenance management system (CMMS), and/or capital improvement projects process related experience.  This position will interact with WSD operating division staff on CMMS usage and coordinate with engineering staff, consultants, and contractors to document asset data.  

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Chemist I (Critical Position)
Job ID 38065
Salary: $45,947-$69,722 (Wet Chemistry, Water, or Wastewater​)
             $48,069-$73,341 (Biology, Metals, and Organics)
             $50,731-$77,210 (Quality Assurance)

The Water Services Department is seeking to recruit individuals to conduct analytical tests, interpret results, write comprehensive analytical reports and documents, and maintain compliance with policies and procedures as required under state and federal regulations in order to maintain analytical quality. 

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Senior Utility Technician (Critical Position)
Job ID 38028
Salary: $39,790-$53,082

The Water Distribution Division is a 24/7 operation responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 7,000 miles of water distribution main lines and 403,700 water service connections, over 163,000 valves and 55,000 fire hydrants . The division has five water service yards located throughout the City. Position has scheduled standby rotations in response to emergencies. This position assists in leading, directing, training and participating in the repair and maintenance of water distribution and wastewater collections. 

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