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Current Employment Opportunities

Water Policy Development Manager (Critical Position)
Job ID 36729
Salary: $65,083-$98,862

This position will coordinate, direct and implement programs and projects that develop long-term water resources. Responsibilities include conceptual program design and policy analysis, coordination of water resource planning and legal input, development of financing plans for public expenditures and interdepartmental coordination. 

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Safety Analyst I (Critical Position)
Job ID 36660
Salary: $43,701-$66,373

This position coordinates environmental, health and safety efforts with peers and other WSD Divisions. The SA I works in independently and in groups on assig​ned work orders, programs, training and projects. A key responsibility is to build positive, trusted relationships with clients at all levels ​​of the Team and organization.

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Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (Critical Position)
Job ID 36572
Salary: $50,960-$62,171

This position is responsible for leading and performing journey-level installation, repair, and maintenance of mechanical equipment such as pumps, blowers, centrifuges, gearboxes, valves, and valve actuators at water or wastewater treatment plants, reclamation plants, groundwater wells, pumping stations, lift stations, and reservoirs.​

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Planner II (Critical Position)
Job ID 36577
Salary: $55,931-$85,176

This position performs advanced water supply and demand research to support WSD planning tasks which may include but are not limited to: the development of Water Resource Plans, Water and Wastewater Master Plans, water exchange agreements, or completing annual reporting requirements to the Arizona Department of Water Resources. 

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Supplies Supervisor (Critical Position)
Job ID 36573
Salary: $53,269-$81,058

This position manages a major warehouse operation and is responsible for the purchase, receipt, inspection, custody, and distribution of material and supplies required to support the maintenance and repair of facilities. Establishes procedures for inventory control, warehousing, storeroom, and supply delivery for a 24-hour operation. Currently there is one vacancy in the Water Services Department.

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Water Services Process Control Manager (Critical Position)​​
Job ID 36575
Salary: $79,498-$120,890

Duties include program management of the process control systems (PCS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and access control/video surveillance security systems used throughout Water Services facilities. This program is responsible for the design, installation programming and maintenance of the PCS and SCADA that are vital for plant operations, water delivery, and wastewater collection along with the Security Systems that protect our sensitive assets. 

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Water Systems Operator (Critical Position)
Job ID 36590
Salary: $42,078-$61,693

Duties include monitoring drinking water storage and flow at the City’s surface water treatment plants and remote water facilities to determine water production and pumping needs; interacting with supervisors regarding current water demands to determine daily plant production requirements; communicating with outside agencies; and monitoring operational set points and alarm levels.

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