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Assistant Water Services Director – Wastewater | Job ID Job ID 30873
Salary: Up to $156,125 annually

The Deputy Water Services Directors responsible for the engineering, operation, and maintenance of the City's Wastewater utility, which includes two large wastewater treatment plants, 5,000 miles of sewer lines, major interceptors that serve multiple cities, and around 20 lift stations.  The position is also responsible for interacting with other City departments, and representing the City when working with media and other governmental and outside agencies.
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Civil Engineer III | Job ID 30568
Salary: $66,518 - $99,195

The Water Services Department (WSD) is seeking individuals with experience as project engineer/project manager for the construction of new wastewater infrastructure and rehabilitation of existing facilities. The position will focus on design and construction management activities. The current position deals mainly with ensuring the structural, operational, and capacity needs of the 4800+ miles of sanitary sewer in the City’s wastewater collection system.
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Chemist I | Job ID 30732
Salary: $44,678 - $73,652

The Chemist I conducts routine analysis and special chemical and microbiological studies of raw and treated drinking water, wastewater, and solid wastes, in order to evaluate and improve plant processes. Lifting objects weighing up to 30 pounds and moving objects weighing up to 100 pounds (such as compressed gas cylinders) may be required.
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Principal Engineering Technician- Water Asset Management
Job ID 31128
Salary: $54,392 - $81,245

The Water Services Department (WSD) is seeking an individual with a background in asset management practices, computer maintenance management system (CMMS), and/or capital improvement projects process related experience.  This position will interact with WSD operating division staff on CMMS usage and coordinate with engineering staff, consultants, and contractors to document asset data.
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Safety Analyst I | Job ID 30743
Salary: $42,515 - $63,135

The Safety Analyst I conducts general safety and equipment training, safety inspections, accident investigations, prepares safety standards and procedures, and assists with the oversight of federally mandated safety, health and environmental programs. These Federal programs include Hearing Conservation, Hazard Communication, Blood Borne Pathogens, Confined Space, Excavation.
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Senior Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Job ID 30152
Salary: $48,901 - $59,675

Senior Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and Remote Facilities Operators (Senior Utility Operators) operate and maintain water/wastewater treatment processes and equipment to control flow, process water, wastewater sludge, and maintain effluent quality well pumps and booster stations.  The job involves water/wastewater system operation and/or providing routine maintenance in support of the system needs.
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