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Current Employment Opportunities

​Maintenance Planner/Scheduler - Water Services (Critical Position)
Job ID 37467
Salary: $53,802-$64,688

This position plans and schedules work, processes, and vendors using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) under the direct supervision of the Safety and Training Superintendent.  Will play a key role in improving the efficiency, quality and productivity of work related to field safety, environmental compliance and fire life safety asset management. ​

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Water Facilities Supervisor (Critical Position)
Job ID 37486
Salary: $61,859-$94,203

This position will provide overall facility management for a large regional water treatment plant Incumbents are required to manage facility budgets; request capital improvement projects; provide team guidance; promote, assess, and implement team initiatives; and serve as principal liaison for outside facilities activities. 

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Water Services Director (Critical Position)
Job ID 37390
Salary: Up to $218,213 annually

This position plans, directs, and manages the activities of various divisions of the Water Services Department to provide an adequate, safe, and efficient water supply and wastewater service in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The work involves responsibility for making decisions on engineering projects and managerial problems, and for the formulation of long-range plans and programs and capital improvement budgets.

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Backhoe/Loader Operator - Wastewater Collection (Critical Position)
Job ID 37327
Salary: $41,205-$50,960

This position operates a backhoe/front end loader and other equipment assigned to the Backhoe Loader Operator*Construction classification in the construction, maintenance, and repair of the City's wastewater collection system. Incumbents in this position will be required to work in and excavate trenches up to 20 feet in depth.

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IT Analyst/Programmer III (Critical Position)
Job ID 37502
Salary: $68,390-$104,000

This position will support and maintain multiple front end applications and back end processes like the Oracle Utilities Work And Asset Management application, GraniteNet application and allied applications which the Water services Dept has or would procure in the future, towards the goal of “Asset Management”. 

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Utility Mechanic*SCBA (Critical Position)
Job ID 37326
Salary: $46,821-$57,512

This position will perform skilled tasks in the repair and maintenance of pumps and mechanical equipment at a water or wastewater treatment plant, pumping station, deep well site, lift station or booster station. 

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Water Services Technician (Critical Position)
Job ID 37331
Salary: $35,942-$46,821

Employees who work in this position will perform a variety of field work including semi-skilled maintenance, preventative maintenance tasks, meter reading and meter repair in the Water Services Department, Water Meter Division. 

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Laboratory Technician (Critical Position)
Job ID 37291
Salary: $35,027-$51,022

This position is engaged in the physical, chemical, microbiological, molecular, or process-related analyses of water and wastewater samples in accordance with federal and state laboratory requirements and internal quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) policies and procedures. 

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