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Understanding Your City of Phoenix City Services Bill

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You can download a PDF that depicts all the key features of your City Services Bill using the link below:

Water and Sewer Service, Fees and Taxes.

 Water Base Fee - Based on the customer’s meter size, this fee includes 5 units/3,740 gallons from October – May and 8 units/5,984 gallons from June-September.

Water Usage Fee - This is the charge for each unit of water that exceeds the amount included in the Base fee.

 Environmental Mandates for Water and Wastewater - Implemented in 1992, these fees support facility modifications and operations, as well as maintenance related to water or sewer services required to meet federal, state and county laws and regulations.

City Services Tax - This excise tax went into effect July 19, 2014, and is based on meter size.

Sewer Fee - This fee is for sewer service and is based on the customer’s average monthly water usage billed during the preceding January, February and March, typically the lowest water use months.

State Mandated Jail Costs - This fee, based on meter size, helps the city pay Maricopa County to house inmates that are arrested in Phoenix, and helps pay the costs for State mandated jail sentences.

City Sales Tax - These fees include a Utility Services Tax and a Wastewater Removal Services Tax.

State and Other Taxes - These Fees include taxes from the State of Arizona, Maricopa County Freeway and Jail Taxes, a Hazardous Waste Disposal Tax, and Stormwater Fees based on meter size.