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​Save in the Landscape

Common areas landscape water costs can be a large portion of your budget if your HO​​​A maintains large common landscaped areas. This program is designed to increase y​our HOAs landscape water irrigation efficiency while still maintaining attractive and valuable landscapes.

 Free Program Resources:​​​​​​

 ​​​​Online Resources

​Links to online resources a​bout irrigation e​ffici​​ency, landscape​​ care and management, and other water saving tips.

 Water Budget

A landscape water budget comparing your HOA's water use versus watering needs, and the difference in water costs.

 Staff Presentation

​A presentation by Water Conservation staff and discussion with your HOA board, landscape contractor and property manager.

 Quaterly Emails

Periodic emails with your HOA's water us​e data.​​​​​​​

Why Participate?

  • Even the best irrigation systems are challenging to maintain. As systems age, more inefficiencies can arise.
  • Leaks and other problems are often difficult to detect if you don’t know what to look for.
  • In our desert climate, water use for HOAs can be a significant expense for a community. In fact, in Phoenix, up to 70% of water used by residents is for outdoor watering.
  • You could save water and money for other community needs without sacrificing a beautiful landscape.
If your HOA is interested in participating in this free program, please fill out the form on this page.​ Participants receive consultation and a landscape water use calculator to help HOAs compare the estimated water needs of their landscape to the actual water used by the HOA. If you have any questions, please email conservation@phoenix.gov.

Graphic explaining the need to fix leaking drip irrigation systems  graphic explaining the need to fix leaking sprinkler systems

​Additional ​Resources: ​