​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Eastlake Civil Rights Memorial


​  ​​​​​

ARTIST:   Shannon Owen and Ronald Turner
DATE:   1997
LOCATION:  Eastlake Park, 16th Street and Jefferson Street
TYPE:   Sculpture
MATERIALS:   Exposed aggregate concrete, brushed concrete, Finished & natural bronze, Stainless steel, painted steel
BUDGET:   $224,700
ZIP CODE:  ​85034

The focal point of Peace is a bronze table-like structure that depicts Eastlake Park in the late 1890s. The stainless steel panels attached to the table feature a decade-by-decade timeline of key events in the history of the park and the local and national struggle for civil rights. The artists worked closely with the Eastlake Park community to develop their concept for the sculpture and site.​

To celebrate the memorial's 25th anniversary, the City established the Eastlake Park Civil Rights Memorial Timeline Task Force. The Task Force was charged with creating a process for gathering, considering, and recommending the milestones to add to the memorial’s timeline from the years 2000 to 2020. The Task Force included members from the Human Relations Commission and the Arts and Culture Commission.

The Task Force held 11 public meetings and solicited community input from March to August 2021 by distributing information through the City's monthly newsletter, water bills, social media platforms, and through outreach to local civic organizations and individuals. A dedicated website​ captured entries from residents through multiple channels. Much like the City's budgeting process, residents could submit ideas via an online form, by phone, by mail, and by attending a Task Force meeting. The Task Force took the resident's feedback, reviewed entries for historical accuracy and duplications, and recommended the most significant ones to add to the timeline, which includes milestones reflecting:

  • Major civil rights leaders
  • Key court decisions
  • Important legislation
  • Major political events
  • Significant landmarks of social movements
  • Important historical context events​
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