​​​​​​​Old Cross Cut Canal

​Jazz on Camelback​​



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ARTIST:   Will Nettleship​
DATE:   2000
LOCATION:  West side of 48th Street between McDowell & Indian School Roads
TYPE:   Canalscape
MATERIALS:   Mixed Media
BUDGET:   $115,000 
ZIP CODE:   ​85008 & 85018​

California artist Will Nettleship was selected in 1990 to participate as  a   member of a design team charged with preparing a design master plan for the Old CrossCutCanalLinearPark.  The design team worked closely with community representatives in developing concepts and designs for the park. Artwork components, which are integrated into the overall design of the park, include a 120 foot section of retaining wall at the south end of the park; stamped patterns in the concrete along the bike path; concrete spillways; and a seat node.  All components contain abstracted designs based on views of the profile of Camelback Mountain, which stands prominently above the north end of the park.  The artist views these images as jazz iterations of the mountain’s distinctive profile.  Visitors to the park can walk the main path from the south end to the north, viewing the artwork as they go.  At the north end, they can rest on the bench in the artist-designed seat node and contemplate the view of Camelback Mountain, which is the source of the artwork.   

 Built in 1888 to carry irrigation water from the Arizona Canal south to the Grand Canal, the Old Cross Cut Canal has over the years evolved into a floodway for storm drainage.  In 1990, the City of Phoenix agreed to join the Flood Control District of Maricopa County and Salt River Project in improving the Old Cross Cut Canal as a drainage channel.  The improvement consisted of replacing the existing open channel with a concrete box culvert, which now runs underground from Indian School Road to McDowell Road.  The design of the box culvert was completed by Greiner, Inc.