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Report City of Phoenix Employees or Contractors Suspected of Fraud

DO NOT USE this form to report identity theft, credit card, bank account or other non-emergency criminal activity. To report any of these issues, please file a non-emergency Phoenix Police Report.

USE THIS FORM to report City employee or contractor violations, such as: embezzlement; contract fraud; vendor kickbacks; removal, loss, unauthorized destruction, or inappropriate use or waste of city money or property; falsified documents; specific danger to public health or non-emergency safety issues; or other violations of laws or regulations. Read: Fraud Reporting Regulation (PDF).

City of Phoenix employees who use the Integrity Line to file false, misleading, or retaliatory information, may be subject to discipline.

Anonymous complaints are accepted; however, City staff may not be able to conduct an investigation if sufficient detail is not provided. Providing contact name and information will allow investigators to follow up and obtain what is needed to conduct a complete and thorough investigation.

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3. If you do not choose to remain anonymous, please provide the following information so that we may contact you:



a.m.  p.m.

4. Do you wish to have your contact information remain confidential to the extent permitted by law? (Your contact information will not be disclosed unless required by law.)

5. Please identify person(s) engaged in reported activity:

Note: If you do not know the name of the person(s) engaged in the activity, please provide any information in your response to question #8 that might help identify person(s) engaged in the activity.



If yes, please identify management level employees that are aware of the activity (optional):



If yes, please identify non-management-level employees that are aware of the activity (optional):


8. Please provide a brief description of the activity. Include (as applicable or as known):

  • Date(s) and time(s) the activity took place or approximate length of time the activity has been going on.
  • Location(s) the activity took place.
  • If missing funds, identify source of funds and how much.
  • Any evidence or documentation that is available.
  • Names of any other credible witnesses not identified above.
  • Other information that may be helpful in an investigation.
Note: Only include information that is relevant to the specific activity you are reporting and please provide only brief and concise descriptions. You may enter up to 500 characters.

9. How did you become aware of the activity?

Before you submit this e-mail form, we would like you to be aware of the City of Phoenix's policy on the use of its e-mail systems. The policy states that the e-mail message you are about to send: (1) is subject to public disclosure under the Public Records Law, (2) is not private or confidential and (3) is retained for 90 days.

In Person:

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Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for major holidays.