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Fees & Payment Schedules

Regulatory Fee Schedule (Effective 7/1/12)***
Adult Cabaret Performer (ACP) ID Card$24.00 1 year from issuance
Auction House$135.00$30.00Annual - prorated
Auctioneer$70.00$30.00Annual - prorated
Curb Painters$30.00$30.00Annual - prorated
Erotic Entertainer ID Card$24.00 1 year from issuance
Escort Bureau$290.00$130.00Annual
Escort ID Card$23.00 Annual
Massage Establishments$550.00$30.00Annual
Massage Establishment Managers$65.00 - Includes
1st year license fee
$25.00 After the
1st year
Mobile Food Vendors$350.00$30.00Annual - prorated
Mobile Vendors$350.00$30.00Annual - prorated
Park and Swap$130.00$175.00Annual - prorated
Scrap Metal Dealers$180.00$130.00Annual - prorated
Secondhand Dealers$130.00$30.00Annual - prorated
Sexually Oriented Business (SOB)$600.00 1 year from issuance
SOB Manager$100.00 1 year from issuance
Street Vending - Food$150.00 July through June
Street Vending - Non-Food$150.00 July through June
Sidewalk VendingLicense Agreement awarded via bid process
handled through the Finance Department
Annual or specified term stated in Agreement
Sidewalk Vendor ID Card$25.00 Annual

Amusement Fee Schedule
Coin-Operated Game Machines$110.00$10.00 plus;
Monthly per machine; or
Minimum monthly fee
One-time fee per machine
Concession Games (Must have a current Concessionaire license)$0.00$12.50
Per day/Per game
One-time fee per game
Game Center
(More than 5 coin-operated game machines)
Mechanical Rides$110.00$40.00
Annual per ride
One-time fee per ride
Pool Hall (More than 5 pool tables)$150.00$40.00Annual per table
Teenage Dance Hall$180.00$300.00Annual

Liquor Fee Schedule (City Fees Only)

Special Event License 

0-500 total persons
501-2,500 persons
2,501-5,000 persons
over 5,000 persons

Based on number
of attendees:*
$10.00Per day
* Please note, there will be a $65.00 late fee if submitted 30 days or less prior to the date of the Special Event.
Original License Application$1,625.00See BelowSee Below
Location transfer$1,625.00See BelowSee Below
Double Transfer (Person & Location)$1,625.00See BelowSee Below
Person to Person Transfer$1,445.00See BelowSee Below
Acquisition of Control (AOC)$1,445.00See BelowSee Below
AOC - Affecting Multiple Locations (for each location after the 1st)$355See BelowSee Below
Consolidated Application (Pursuant to A.R.S.)$1,955See BelowSee Below
Continuation of Restaurant License$1,445.00See BelowSee Below
Series 1 - DistillerSee above ($1,445 or $1,625)$240.00Quarterly
Series 3 - Domestic MicrobrewerySee above ($1,445 or $1,625)$240.00Quarterly
Series 6 - On-Sale (All Liquor)See above ($1,445 or $1,625)$360.00Quarterly
Series 7 - On-Sale (Wine & Beer)See above ($1,445 or $1,625)$150.00Quarterly
Series 9 - Off-Sale (All Liquor)See above ($1,445 or $1,625)$150.00Quarterly
Series 10 - Off-Sale (Wine & Beer)See above ($1,445 or $1,625)$90.00Quarterly
Series 11 - Hotel-MotelSee above ($1,445 or $1,625)$360.00Quarterly
Series 12 - RestaurantSee above ($1,445 or $1,625)$360.00Quarterly
Series 13 - Domestic Farm WinerySee above ($1,445 or $1,625)$240.00Quarterly
Series 14 - ClubSee above ($1,445 or $1,625)$90.00Quarterly



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