Innovation and Innovation City Staff Task Force Members

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The Innovation and Efficiency Task Force includes members from a variety of city departments and functions.  This helps to ensure diverse points of view and representation from the city's many lines of business.

City Staff Members

  • Mario Paniagua, Chair
    Budget & Research Director
  • Lisa Takata
    Deputy City Manager
  • Rita Hamilton
    City Librarian
  • John Chan
    Interim Community and Economic Development Director
  • Steve Kreis
    Executive Assistant Fire Chief
  • Deanna Jonovich
    Senior Executive Assistant to the City Manager
  • Rob Sweeney
    Acting Chief Information Officer
  • Jim Burke
    Acting Parks and Recreation Director
  • Toni Maccarone
    Public Information Director
  • Kevin Robinson
    Assistant Police Chief
  • Neal Young
    Interim Public Transit Director 
  • Wylie Bearup
    Street Transportation Director
  • Neil Mann
    Interim Public Work Director
  • Ron Ramirez
    ASPTEA Representative
    (Administrative, Supervisory, Professional and Technical Employees Association)