Innovation and Efficiency Task Force Workgroups

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The Innovation and Efficiency Task Force is broken up into the following five workgroups.


Mission:  Continued focus on improving the city's internal and external communications to enhance transparency and public accessibility and facilitate efficient operations.

Toni Maccarone, Chair
Bill Barquin
Don Hamill

Process Improvement

Mission:  Continue to evaluate city processes and operations and develop solutions to improve productivity, eliminate unnecessary procedures, and fully
optimize staffing and other city resources.

Rita Hamilton - Chair
Don Hamill
Deanna Jonovich
Kevin Robinson

Regional Public Partnerships

Mission:  Develop solutions to gain efficiency and economies of scale through regional collaboration, such as regional procurement agreements

Neal Young - Chair
Steve Kreis
Roger Peck
Ron Ramirez
Marty Shultz
William Smith


Mission:  Continue to evaluate whether outsourcing, insourcing, and/or
managed competition is the most cost-effective means of providing city programs while maintaining or enhancing service levels.

John Chan - Chair
Jim Burke
Mark Dobbins
Neil Mann
David Tierney
John Trujillo


Mission:  Examine and identify technology initiatives that enhance productivity and customer service, enable innovation, and provide long-term return on investment.

Rob Sweeney - Chair
Wylie Bearup
Richard Rea
Diane Scherer
Lisa Takata