Fire Retiree Services

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Once a Member, always a Member!

Captain Ron Burris is responsible for Member Services, Retiree Services, and Historic Station Number 8. Together with FF Paramedic Clarence Tucker, Member Services provides 24/7 response to any medical emergency regarding sworn or non-sworn Members of the Phoenix Fire Department. By responding to these medical emergencies of our Members, the Health Center can coordinate with Local 493 and Fire Administration in making sure our Members receive help with Industrial claims, any needed support or information regarding their current situation and follow-up after the fact.

Retiree Services provides similar support for Retired Department Members by providing information and assistance in cooperation with Local 493, in many types of situations our Retired Members may experience. Keeping them involved in the Phoenix Fire Family is extremely important by providing an e-mail newsletter to keep them informed of current news and changes in the Phoenix Fire Department. Keeping our Retirees involved whenever possible, maintains the family connection firefighters have come to rely on during their working careers. It is a big part of continuing the PFD Way to our retired Members, who gave so much to the Citizens of Phoenix and others over the years.

Historic Station #8 is the oldest fire station still under Department ownership housing many historical items of significance to current Members and Retirees alike. Our history shows us where we have come from and details lessons to our current Members about the sacrifices and contributions past Members along with others have made, to make the Phoenix Fire Department one of the premier Fire Departments in the world today.  

Ray Maione
Member Services Captain  
Phoenix Fire Department
541 W. Encanto Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ  85003
Office (602) 534-2040