Special Hazards Unit

​Hazardous Materials in Phoenix

The Fire Prevention's Special Hazards Unit is responsible for inspecting all facilities that store, use, manufacture or handle hazardous materials. The inspections process starts with a permit application that contains facility information and hazardous material inventory statement (HMIS) that assist the Special Hazards Unit in determining required assessments and permits. An inspection of the facility is required and all noted correction completed before the permits are issued.

The Phoenix City Council approved the creation of the Special Hazards Unit within the Phoenix Fire Department in November 2000. The Special Hazards Unit consists of Fire Captains, Fire Prevention Inspectors, a Data Control Specialist and a Fire Protection Engineer all supervised by a Deputy Chief.

The Special Hazards other responsibilities include new construction plan review of above ground storage tanks, inspection of pressure vessels and hazardous materials processing equipment such as piping, reactors, chemical mixing equipment, pressure relief devices and spray booths.

The Special Hazard Unit Captains average over 20 years of emergency response experience. They have completed 160 hours of training on hazardous materials and must complete 40 hours of continuing education per year.


Forms & Information

Hazardous Material Application

HMIS Excel Spreadsheet - this can be used instead of the Word document in the hazardous material application.

Hazardous Materials Fees

Spill and Release Reporting

Compressed and liquefied Carbon Dioxide Beverage Systems