Fire (New Construction) Inspections

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​​​Beginning October 1, 2012, Planning & Development will begin performing inspections for selected Fire permits.

Download a PDF list of which department will be responsible for which permits.

Both Fire permits and inspections are mandated by the Fire Code of the city of Phoenix, which is based on the ICC 2006 International Fire Code with Phoenix Amendments. In addition, the Bret Tarver Sprinkler Ordinance manda​tes an automatic sprinkler system in defined situations. Fire inspections occur in conjunction with building inspections to assure appropriate fire and life safety installations and modifications.

Inspections can be requested by calling the area inspector directly. Area inspectors can be found on the Fire New Construction Area Map (PDF). Given the need for the contractor to be onsite during the inspection, we encourage customers to call at least 48 hours in advance to allow an appointment to be scheduled.

Appeals: When there are practical difficulties in carrying out provisions of the current code, alternate methods of compliance must be approved through an Appeals process. The Phoenix Fire Prevention Code, Section 104.6.4, allows the Fire Department to grant such appeals.

 Learn more about submitting an Appeal to the Fire Marshal application.