What is a Fire Inspector?

​Phoenix Fire Prevention Inspectors are the boots-on-the-ground men and women who are conducting inspections every day.  Fire Prevention Inspectors attend training and are required to maintain a minimum of 2 nationally recognized certifications that must be renewed every 3 years. Some inspectors maintain 3 certifications.   Every day Fire Inspectors:

  • Ensure life safety systems in structures and at events

  • Respond to citizen and Police complaints of overcrowding, hazardous situations, unsafe events and conditions

  • Work with developers, business owners, contractors, Homeland Defense and Fire Operations to ensure public safety

  • Inspect state licensed facilities, including daycares, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals

  • Protect the community through routine inspections at high hazard facilities like the petroleum tank farm, water service sites, and the airports

  • Conduct high-rise inspections and evacuation drills

  • Ensures our tourists and out-of-state visitors are not placed in unsafe environments through routine inspections of our convention center, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and public gatherings ​