​​New fireworks law regulates the use and sales of fireworks in Arizona

A new fireworks law regulates when fireworks can be bought, sold and used in Arizona. The new law does not apply to novelty items: snappers, snap caps, glow worms, snakes, party poppers, toy smoke devices and sparklers, which have always been considered permissible.

  • The sale of permissible consumer fireworks is allowed:
    April 25 - May 6, May 20 – July 6,  five days before the first day of Diwali through the third day of Diwali of each year and December 10 – January 3. 
  • The use of permissible consumer fireworks is allowed:
    May 4 - May 6, June 24 – July 6, the second and third day of Diwali and December 24 – January 3.

Use may be restricted if a Federal or State agency implements Stage One Fire Restrictions.

Fireworks night sky

Permissible fireworks include: cylindrical and cone fountains, illuminating torches, wheels, ground spinners, flitter sparklers, ground sparkling devices. This chart will help you to determine if a product is legal or illegal to use in the City of Phoenix.

Permissible fireworks for sale under state law may not be sold to person(s) under the age of 16. The penalty for selling, buying or using fireworks outside the permissible dates is a fine of $1,000. Use of fireworks on preservation land owned by the City of Phoenix is prohibited and is a Class 1 Misdemeanor with a $1,000 fine

The sale of permissible consumer fireworks in temporary tents over 800 square feet requires a Fire Prevention tent permit. Per State law signage is required at places of sale and display that advises purchases of permissible consumer fireworks is prohibited to persons under the age of 16. Additional permits and zoning approval may be required by the Planning & Development Department Zoning Division. 

Fire Department personnel will accept illegal fireworks that are voluntarily turned over at fire station locations. To report the use of illegal fireworks, contact the Phoenix Police Department @ 602-262-6151.

Professional Fireworks Display Permit Application

With the 4th of July fast approaching, the Phoenix Fire Department is encouraging residents to attend one of the spectacular public fireworks displays staged by professionals. Fabu​​lous Phoenix Fourth! 

If you have questions, please contact our offices at 602-262-6771, Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm. For afterhours questions please call the Phoenix Fire Department Non-Emergency Line at 602-495-5555.