Information for the Complainant

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Is a barking dog a problem in your neighborhood? This page provides tips and other helpful information and resources to people who are disturbed or negatively affected by barking dogs.

Tips to Deal with a Barking Dog Issue

  • Talk to your neighbor or leave your neighbor a note about the barking
  • Communicating with the dog owner is usually the most effective way to resolve the issue.
  • Talk to your neighbor or write the note when you are not frustrated about the barking.
  • Speak to your neighbor or write the note in a friendly manner.
  • Let your neighbor know about the times that the dog is barking, especially if the barking occurs when the owner is not home; he or she may be unaware of the problem or its severity.
  • Ask your neighbor if you can contact him or her if the barking is a problem.
  • If you feel safe doing so, provide your contact information so the owner can respond to your concerns.
  • Refer your neighbor to our website; we have great tips for owners on our site for dog owners.
  • Try mediation; mediation with a trained neutral mediator has proven to be very effective in resolving barking dog issues in Phoenix. For more information on mediation, Get more information on Mediation.

Additional Resource Information

Barking Dog Hotline
To have information sent to a barking dog owner in your neighborhood or to receive a Barking Dog Petition by mail
Arizona Humane Society
Calls on mistreated, abused, and neglected animals
City of Phoenix Public Works Solid Waste
Calls on accumulated feces and odors
(602) 262-7251
Maricopa County Animal Care and Control
Picks up dogs at large and dogs that bite
(602) 506-7387
City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services
Calls on crowing roosters
(602) 262-7844
City of Phoenix Law on Barking DogsGet more information on barking dogs.

If you live outside of Phoenix, contact the Police Department in your area for information.