Mediation for Barking Dog Issues

Mediation is a very effective tool to help resolve barking dog issues.  Below you will find answers to many questions about mediation for barking dog issues.

Is mediation necessary? Effective March 1, 2013, the City of Phoenix requires attempted mediation before a criminal complaint will be considered.

What is mediation? A confidential dispute resolution process in which one or more mediators assist disputing parties in discussing and resolving their conflicts. The participants control whether or not they make an agreement and what the terms of the agreement will be.

Who are mediators? Mediators are neutral third parties who help parties to a dispute make the most effective use of their resources by guiding the settlement process. A mediator is not a judge; a mediator does not take sides or give legal, financial, or professional advice.

Are there costs? Mediation Clinics affiliated with Law Schools generally provide services to the community at no charge.

Is mediation private? Mediation is a confidential process. However, confidentiality does not apply to threats of harm or violence during the mediation process. If an agreement is reached, the agreement is not confidential.

Who decides the outcome of the mediation and what happens when the parties reach an agreement? The parties themselves, not the mediators, decide the outcome of the agreement. If an agreement is reached, the mediators draft a written agreement that all parties must sign. This agreement is a binding contract.

How long will the mediation last? The length of the session depends on the number and complexity of issues to be resolved. Mediation sessions are typically scheduled for 2-3 hour blocks.

What if previous attempts to talk with one party have failed? Mediation can work even when other attempts to get the parties talking have failed. The mediator can be a fresh set of eyes to the situation and is often able to help identify issues and offer potential solutions.

Does mediation really work? Mediation depends on the willingness of the parties involved in the dispute. If they want to resolve the situation and are prepared to talk with each other, listen to what each other has to say, and work through some possible solutions, it can be an extremely effective way of resolving disputes.

Is a lawyer necessary for mediation? In most mediations, the parties won't need a lawyer present. This is because the parties are trying to work together to solve their problem. It is up to each party to determine whether they wish to consult with a lawyer before mediation to discuss the legal consequences of possible settlement terms.

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Phoenix City Ordinance § 8-2 classifies a barking dog offense as a class one misdemeanor.

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