Protective Orders

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What is a Protective Order?

A Protective Order is a civil court order prohibiting a person from coming near you, your home, work, school or other locations as listed on the order.

Does my relationship to the person matter?

Your relationship to the person matters - it will determine what type or order is appropriate, an Order of Protection or an Injunction Against Harassment.

How do I obtain a Protective Order from Phoenix Municipal Court?

​You can apply to get a Protective Order by visiting AZPOINT, Arizona's Protective Order and Notification Tool that allows you to fill out your application for a Protective Order online. ​

Which courts can issue a Protective Order?

You can obtain either of these orders from Phoenix Municipal Court; any Justice Court, or Maricopa County Superior Court; all Courts in Arizona have access to applications submitted though AZPOINT.​​

​Can someone from the Prosecutor’s Office Victim Services Unit help me through the process of getting a Protective Order?

Yes.  Our Victim Advocates can speak with you or meet you and help you through the process. If you have questions or want to speak with an Advocate call 602-261-8192.

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