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PGM Staff Pueblo Grande Museum is the archaeological repository for the City of Phoenix. Focused on the prehistory and history of Central Arizona, the collection is dominated by archaeological repository collections including cataloged objects, boxed research collections, paper archives, photographs, and multimedia.  The collection also has a Native American ethnographic component, as well as institutional records.

The Museum curates collections from hundreds of sites across the Phoenix metropolitan area. The collection is significant to the study of the archaeology of the Salt River Valley, Hohokam archaeology, the site of Pueblo Grande, and history of the original Phoenix townsite. ​

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The Salt River Stratigraphic Survey Collection – documenting the 1939–1940 survey of 108 archaeological sites across the Salt River Valley.

The Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administrative Excavation Collections - documenting the 1936–1940 excavations of the platform mound at other features at the site of Pueblo Grande.

The Hohokam Expressway Collection – documenting a large archaeological project conducted prior to the construction of State Route 143 and within the boundaries of the archaeological site of Pueblo Grande.

The Phoenix Chinatown Collection – documenting a salvage archaeology project before the construction of an arena in downtown Phoenix. It includes objects associated with Phoenix's small Chinatown (dated 1890–1920).


​Online Collections

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