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Open November 7, 2014 to August 31, 2015 at Pueblo Grande Museum

 Supply and Demand: Hohokam Pottery Production

Join Pueblo Grande Museum on November 7, 2014 for the opening of a new exhibit, Supply and Demand: Hohokam Pottery Production.  This exhibit, a collaboration between Pueblo Grande Museum and guest curator Sophia Kelly of Arizona State Parks, features new research on the Hohokam which reveals a remarkable economy that relied on the production and distribution of goods at a scale that challenges how we think about prehistoric exchange patterns. Before AD 1100, households relied on specialist potters to provide them with decorated pottery. A small number of producers in particular areas manufactured thousands of vessels for distribution to consumers across central and southern Arizona. These specialist potters responded to the desire of their consumers by making light-colored bowls and jars that glittered with shiny mica.

This exhibit is included with general admission to Pueblo Grande Museum.