Residential Inspections

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​All permitted residential jobs require inspections.  Some permit types such as Residential Permit by Inspec​tor (RPBI)​, Hillside & Grading permits (CHG, CGD) and Residential Remodel for Fire Rehabilitation (RSME) require a job meeting before the job is started. The permit should be posted and the stamped plans should be available for the inspector's use on the job site.

Critical points that require an inspection

Before any concrete is poured, underground plumbing and electrical, rebar for foundations, required hold-downs for structural elements, depth and width of footings, and placement of electrical grounding (UFER) are all critical points in construction that require and inspection. See the link below for a link to residential inspections codes.

  • After the rough framing is completed (strap & brace).  Inspection of the framing members for spacing and size, ties & clips, headers and lintels, shear wall location and size are all inspected at this stage.
  • Before insulation and dry wall is installed (pre drywall).  Inspection of the rough plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems should be done at this point.  Windows are checked for safety glazing and energy requirements, the outside water-proof covering (before stucco) should be in place. If the roof is tile, the roof should be loaded (tile installed or piled prior to installation), the truss calculations should be onsite.
  • When the interior is drywalled (final). Counters & cabinets, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets & lights, heating registers & return air grills, smoke detectors, doors & windows, gas vents & combustion air grills, HVAC equipment, and the water meter are all installed.  After a successful final inspection, the gas and electrical utilities are notified that the utilities can be turned on.
  • Street work, curb cuts, sidewalks & new utility services.  These inspections are performed by the Civil inspectors.
Select the links below for additional information on scheduling an inspection.

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Remote Video Inspections

Remote Inspections are now available for many home projects. Our staff will conduct the inspection via a web-based video program that can help get your inspection completed quickly and thoroughly! Click here to learn more and see if your project qualifies!