Map of Zoning Overlays and Regulatory Plans

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​Zoning Overlays and Regulatory Plans
(Does Not Include Historic Planning Districts)

Special Planning Districts and Specific Plans provide additional regulation and guidance regarding specific areas and neighborhoods within Phoenix.  The following resource provides an overview and summary of each of the Special Planning Special Planning Districts and Specific Plans that have been adopted in the City of Phoenix:

Summary of Regulatory and Non-Regulatory Special Planning Districts and Specific Plans 

Click on the overlay title to open a detailed map of the area. All links are PDF documents.


1. Airport Noise Impact Zone Overlay

2. Arts, Culture and Small Business Overlay

3. Baseline Area Overlay

4. Camelback East Primary Core Specific Plan

5. Camelback Road Overlay

6. Capitol Mall Overlay

7. Central City South Interim Overlay

8. Coronado Neighborhood Conservation Plan

9. Deer Valley Airport Overlay

10. Desert Character Overlay A

11. Desert Character Overlay B

12. Desert Ridge Specific Plan

13. East Buckeye Road Overlay

14. Four Corners Overlay

15. Historic Canal-Side Restaurant Overlay

16. Mountain Park Neighborhood SPD

17. North Black Canyon Overlay

18. North Central Avenue Historic Streetscape

19. North Central Avenue SPD

20. Phoenix Indian School Specific Plan (repealed)​​​

21. Rio Salado Interim Overlay

22. Roosevelt Neighborhood SPD

23. Royal Palm SPD

24. 7th Avenue Urban Main Street Overlay

25. South Phoenix Village and Target Area B Design Overlay

26. Story Neighborhood Conservation Plan

27. Transit Overlay District (TOD-1)

28. Transit Overlay District (TOD-2)

29. Windsor Square Neighborhood SPD

30. Hatcher Road Overlay